I respect you. I bow my head before your sacrifice. I am an insignificant person compared to your knowledge and world wide contacts. But someone had to speak. I had known leaders who have coteries around them and they will keep their eyes and ears shut from public opinion.That disease should not paralyse your thinking. Please forgive me if I am finding fault at you.

My leader and your leader in your student days, Aringnar Anna one day morning when he woke up from bed found wall writings calling him son of a prostitute. He ordered for a petromax light so that in night, the writings  be visible, and people could  read the venom split by his enemies. Anna stood for elections. Against him was a famous Doctor of Kanchipuram. In his election speeches Anna went on speaking high about the Doctor and his services to the people of Kanchipuram. In conclusion Anna would say in one line, if such a life saving doctor goes to assembly it will be a great loss to people, hence a jobless Annadurai can go, and spare the Doctor to serve the people of Kanchipuram. Anna won. That is how we should win enemies. We should persuade people.

From the days of Chera Chozha Pandiar, Tamil kings fought each other and Tamil unity became mirage chase, leaders like you will talk recalling history. But in our life what we have done to Tamil unity? Take for example the Ulaga Thamizhar Peramaiipu Conference.

DMK is ruling Tamil Nadu. It shares power in Center. After your release from Tada prison, Kalaignar M.Karunanithi gave DMK flag in your hands before television screen. The flag is not new to you. After all you are one of the founding members of Dravida Maanavar Munnetra Kazhagam, a forerunner to me.If you know Kalaignar better than me, you must be knowing his weakness for flattery. You could have invited him to Salem Conference and given him a title Aaroor Chozhar since he hails from Thiruvarur. At same time you could have given him THE TIGER FLAG OF CHOZHA EMPERORS in his hand and said Aaarur Chozhar will always be with Tigers.You missed a golden oppurtunity to win him to our side. You and me are not in office. We have to use people in office tactfully for our purposes.

Look at the practical approach of Dravida Kazhagam from the days of Periyar to the days of Aasiriyar Veeramani. They will support ruling parties and their positive approach works as is evident in the growth of their educational institutions, which will soon become University. If out of ego, if they had engaged in blame game, nothing could be achieved. Dravida Kazhagam supported K.Kamaraj to keep Rajaji away from office. Dravida Kazhagam backed Kamaraj to get schools and colleges thrown open for backward and oppressed classes. There is one dark spot in the life of Kamaraj. He adamently refused to rename Madras State as Tamil Nadu. A freedom fighter Sangaralinganaar fasted for 78 days and died for a cause which he could not win by his sacrifice. Only after DMK came to power in 1967, Aringnar Anna fulfilled that dream. You, a fierce Tamil nationalist are keeping mum on Kamaraj’s role and even started a party Gandhi Kamaraj National Congress. Why ? You did not want to wash dirty linen in public. You thought the other services of Kamaraj deserves due recognition and went silent on this matter. It is not wrong. I am not blaming you. I say you did the right thing.

May I ask you one question ? You know the saying “Kutram Parkin Sutram Illai” And why you people look at the dark side of Kalaignar. It is history that he is in power. Cant you people without hurting his feelings use him for fostering Tamil unity and getting LTTE its due place under the son. See how cunningly like slow poison, The Former External affairs Minister of Srilanka Lukshman Kadirgamar played his Tamil identity card to turn western countries and india against Ealam struggle.Instead of countering the misinformation, instead of trying innovative appraoches, you go on fighting establishments. That will help you sustain Maaveran title and your individual glory in history will be ensured.But the battle to win more minds to Ealam cause will be lost.

If you go on in this divisive politics, it will only make Sinhalese happy. They will be emboldened to even start a political party in India.We the followers of Periyar have rights to criticise Gods. And we never fear people in power. Rajiv Gandhi sent IPKF to Ealam. I wrote to him as ” The curse of our race will see the dawn of your doom” So since democracy permits public debate we are placing an open letter to you. It not to sully your image and to glorify us. It is to awaken your conscience. It is to make you think of the priorites ahead Eaalam , Eaalam and Eaalam, creating a Veerappa Nadu and hailing him as great Tamil patriot and such agendas can wait for a decade till Ealam is resolved.