Madam Sonia GandhijiPresident Indian National Congress
New Delhi
 Respected MadamDravida Peravai which took up the cause of the tortured wife of Puducherry Social Welfare Minister P.Angalane profusely thanks you for forcing the culprit minister out of cabinet. So much dirty linen had been washed in public because of the adamancy shown by the amoral and immoral Chief Minister of Puducherry N.Rangasamy. Instead of upholding the highest traditions laid by many politicians who would bow to public opinion and quit office under similar or other circumstances, the Social Welfare Minister clung to office at the behest of the Chief Minister of Puducherry. But the Congress High command had kept up the moral grounds in mind and had taken a right decision to sack the Minister from Puducherry cabinet. 

Now the question of who should step into the shoes of the Minister who vacated his seat arises. It is true that it is prerogative of a Chief Minister to have his choice to fill up a vacancy. But here we have a coalition supported by DMK and other parties from outside. DMK is the coalition leader of UPA in Tamilnadu and in Puducherry it willingly gave up its claim for cabinet berth in view of Congress extending support to Tamil Nadu Government from outside. Until such outside support continues in Tamilnadu I do agree the DMK in Puducherry is bound to extend outside support. If a coalition comes up in Tamilnadu, Puducherry too must have DMK nominees in cabinet and this inescapable situation should be kept in mind in resolving current crisis, I would humbly state. Even otherwise DMK leader Dr.Kalaignar M.Karunanithi must be consulted over the choice of a minister to the vacancy that has arisen. I would even agree that if the choice will be within the members elected under Congress ticket, DMK can even remain silent spectator saying after all the vacancy is that of a Congress and Congress high command can choose its nominee, I would again stress Congress high command and not the Chief Minister to have the final say. 

But reports from Puducherry indicate that Congress Chief Minster is wooing deserters from DMK who had ditched DMK and had backstabbed DMK during last elections and independents who defeated DMK in last polls. This decision to propose traitors of DMK into a cabinet that lives under DMK support is like rubbing salt on the deep wound. Dravida Peravai would campaign against this public ridicule of the DMK which seems to be the agenda of the Congress Chief Minister, who does not have the moral authority to hold the Home portfolio himself after having backed to circumvent law in shielding the wife torturer.We would appeal to you to keep the sentiments of DMK and the public opinion in mind and restrain the Chief Minister from damaging the coalition culture and ethics.With RegardsYours fraternally  N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai Copy to: Union Minister of Telecommunications Mr.Dayanidhi Maran


  1. Ramji Rao

    Dear Mr.Nandhivarman,
    Saw your writings. As a Puducherrian, you need to comment on the various aspects relating to Puducherry and one would like to have the opinion of learned people like you on many matters. Be it the rampant corruption in Puducherry administration, the rampant rowdism prevalent, the JIPMER autonomy issue, statehood to Puducherry, lack of an opposition in Puducherry, lack of powers to the civil bodies, etc. etc.

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