COMPLAINT TO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITIES ON TSUNAMI SWINDLE                                                                                                                     

 Dravida Peravai had sent the following complaint to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Thiru..Manmohan Singh  Hon’ble Home Minster of India Thiru.Shivraj Patil Comptroller and Auditor General of India New Delhi Copy to: His Excellency the Lt.Governor  and   The Chief Secretary, Government of Puducherry.

Nowhere in India democracy will be replaced by lootocracy, and nowhere in India all parties in the assembly will be one party to loot public exchequer. Puducherry being tiny territory could have been administered in much efficient way and with a vision for development. But here the Chief Minister N.Rangasamy has acquired mafia culture and is dividing the spoils of the system to all parties represented in the assembly. Hence people’s woes could not be echoed due to legislator’s dancing to the tunes of the paymaster. This may sound as wild allegation and even breach of privilege could arise over my remarks. But I don’t want the breach of good governance to go unchecked. I don’t want the breach of the constitutional mechanism to accountability be mocked at with immunity. I don’t want, in the absence of right to recall, elected representatives stabbing the people’s expectations behind their back, in order to amass ill-gotten wealth.

The Hon’ble Home Minister of India Mr.Shivraj Patil visited Puducherry and what instructions he gave is known to all in this Administration, more particularly the Chief Minister of Puducherry. If I had to remind for the sake of refreshing the memory of Hon’ble Home Minister of India, I must humbly state that he strictly told that only for projects funds should be spent and in no case ex- gratia payment should be made. Tsunami did not strike yesterday or few days before Home Minister visited Puducherry in 2007. People are not marooned and no urgency exists to hand over cash to the tsunami victims, that too in 2007 February, after a long gap of time for a tsunami that hit on 26 th December of 2004.


Few days ago a meeting to Review Tsunami Relief was conducted in the Secretariat of the Pondicherry, wherein almost all Members of the Legislature, in stage-managed operation tutored by the Chief Minister had demanded cash payments to be made through them to whomsoever they identify as tsunami victim. This is gross violation. This is daylight robbery. This is open swindle of public money. This is to openly defy the Union Home Minister’s directions that only for specific purpose and that too only for projects and schemes moneys should be spent. This is using public money to buy the silence of all the legislative members, and to deny the people of respective constituencies their legitimate right to be heard through their representatives. This is seducing all parties and making them corrupt. This is bypassing the administration and to establish parallel administration. This is prelude to convert Puducherry into a princely state, where the King can dispose moneys as he wishes, without having any due respect to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. This is to run Puducherry as feudal state and not as an union territory accountable to Center.

 Dravida Peravai,a party that plays the opposition role in all crises in the decade of its existence, once again sounds the alarm bell. Dravida Peravai prays for the Comptroller and Auditor General to intervene immediately to stall the proposed loot. Dravida Peravai appeals to the Union Government to stop the plunder  with immediate effect. 

In the book published by Union Government on the achievements of Union Territory under UPA government two important observations need to be mentioned. Rajiv Gandhi Package of assistance for Tsunami Affected Persons: Assistance of Rs 155 crore was approved under the package for providing immediate relief such as ex gratia payment, temporary housing, assistance for fishermen etc. Will the Government of India bring out a White paper on how this money was spent in Puducherry. When Tsunami struck Karaikal region and Nagapattinam of Tamilnadu, the most of the moneys should have gone there. But it never went. Under the Right to Information Act, an activist of Consumer Forum in Karaikal had been asking for the quantum of money received by government for tsunami and how it was spent. All authorities as per the hierarchy that is fixed to answer questions under Right to Information act had given only expenses figures, never they gave the figures of the amount received. Is it a state secret? Mr.Nallusamy, the senior citizen of the Consumer Forum is tirelessly knocking the doors after one after one office, till about Karaikal region everything remains shrouded in secrecy.


The same book brought out by Press Information Bureau claims: Permanent Shelters for Tsunami Affected persons: A World Bank assisted Project for providing permanent shelters and livelihood programmes for tsunami affected people of Puducherry is under implementation, with an outlay of Rs158 crore. It is envisaged that 8,125 permanent houses will be built in Puducherry with substantial contributions from NGO’s in the effort.


While Union Government publication makes tall claims being misled by N.Rangasamy government, The Center for Fisher folk’s Empowerment in a representation to Union Home Minister dated 20.01.2007 states:  “ In Puducherry region there are 15 fishing villages. Out of this, the N.Rangasamy Government has taken steps to build houses only in 5 villages even after a lapse of 2 years that too with the funds provided by NGO’s and Government of Maharastra. The total number of houses needed for these 15 villages are 7350, but the N.Rangasamy Government proposes to build only 4074 houses, whereas the Press Information Bureau publication claims 8125 houses are to be built. Who is fooling whom? Whether the Center is being fooled by N.Rangasamy Government to extract money from World Bank for 8125 houses but actually planning to construct only 4074 houses, thereby trying to loot the balance. ? It is for you to read in between the lines, the famous phrase of Kuldip Nayyar.


Hence the most affected Karaikal region wants to separate itself from this misrule. That is why Union Territory status is being sought by Karaikal enclave of Puducherry seperated by 160 kilometers from the Capital Puducherry.

General Secretary Dravida Peravai N.Nandhivarman

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