The May Day was observed by Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group by organizing two meetings in Karailal. Mr.Jyothilingam, Trade Union wing Leader presided over these meetings. Speaking in that meeting the Hon.President of Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group said ” Instead of setting up massive industries that can generate employment avenues for local youth, Puducherry administration seems to be chasing the mirage by Port and Air Port projects. Only the Major 12 Ports under the Union Government are yielding profits, but all the 139 Minor and Intermediary Ports  under the control of various state governments are not revenue generating profitable ventures, with due exception to Gujrat Minor Ports under the control of Gujarat Maritime Board. There is no industry that needs raw materials to be brought by ship and no industry in and around Karaikal to export finished products through ships, and such being the case setting up of a Port here will be a futile exercise with no revenue generation. Even in Andaman, at the fag end of our country’s border at Indira Point, they are investing 3000 crores for setting up a transhipment harbour. Everyone knows Singapore where ships come from all directions is a best transhipment harbour, whereas Indian states builds transhipment harbours in dead ends.No state government on its own can run a profitable Port, hence Union Government must nationalize all minor ports under various state governments and hand it over to National Seaways, like our National Highways to regulate passenger/cargo shipping along our coast in west and East of Indian peninsula.

In Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu Government is setting up a Port to bring coal to its proposed thermal power plant near Thirukuvalai, the Chief Minister’s place of birth. While this harbour will attract whatever ships, within less than 20 kms another Port in Karaikal will be an idle asset without revenue, first swallowing public money for a wasteful purpose. The proposed Air Port in Karaikal is unwarranted, since the Air Port brought in Puducherry while M.O.H.Farook Maricar was Union Minister itself has no traffic and remains idle monument for wasteful expenditure. Puducherry Port too was entrusted to two private parties, who does not bring in physical money as investment, but were entrusted with 76 percent share while the money investing PIPDIC kept 24 percent shares. So the trend to waste public money on projects that do not yield revenue seems to be catching the fancy of the rulers, who are trying to hood wink the public as if these schemes will benefit Karaikal. The Airport in Karaikal will carry crafts with bureaucrats and politicians only, and further public money will be wasted., N.Nandhivarman, Hon.President spoke,

President K.Subramanian, Vice President V.S.Nallusamy, General Secretary A.T.S.Ansari Babu, Deputy Secretary R.Sundarraj, Propaganda Secretary Thanga.Devadas, Treasurer S.Radhakrishnan spoke in these meetings.

THE PUDUCHERRY POWER CORPORATION: The workers there had been promised pay scales at par with the Electricity Department employees and were appointed, but the tall promises made till date were not kept, speakers alleged.

While there exists a Central University in Puducherry, the proposed plan of Puducherry Government to set up the state controlled University near Bahour in Puducherry enclave, neglecting Karaikal where it should come by way of natural justice, is condemnable, the speakers lashed at the Government.

The Karaikal legislators raised the demand to set up a Government Medical College in Karaikal, but in the floor of the assembly Health Minister was evasive in his reply. KUTSG urges the Government to set up the Government Medical College in Karaikal.

In the matter of nominated M.L.A’s, Government had distributed it to persons within the main enclave Puducherry but had once again done injustice to Karaikal by not giving even single nominated MLA to this region.The pathetic condition of hospital with no medicines and with no proper care was also targeting for criticising the Government in the May Day speeches.

N.Nandhivarman Hon President Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group

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