Rewriting History: The Enemies Within

N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai

‘ Koreans are often infuriated by erroneous historical perceptions of Japanese attempts to emphasize their superiority in past bilateral relations.” wrote the Korea Herald daily. The Korean National Assembly’s Judiciary Committee debated four bills brought to rewrite distorted chapters of Korean national history from the tragic periods of the 19 th to 20 th centuries. A campaign to compile a Who’s Who of Pro-Japan collaborators got enthusiastic support from the Korean people and in 11 days 500 million yen could be raised in Korea. The focus was to bring out the truth about pro-Japanese activities by Koreans and the victims of forced labour and military recruitment under the colonial government between 1910-1945. The massacre of civilians during and after the Korean War of 1950-1953. During the Donghak peasant revolution in 1894 the rebels who fought Japanese invaders were shown as bandits in history and the move was to restore them their due honor.

That is Korea. In Tamilnadu do we have majority of English or Tamil dailies that will debate such an emotional issue. Are Tamil people conscious of past history and are they willing to donate like Koreans to correct distortions in Tamil history? Let us ponder these dispassionately. Will our 40 Tamil Parliamentarians ever raise or debate distortions of Tamil history? The Pro-Aryan parties in Indian Parliament are raising hue and cry over non-existent Bridge called Ram’s bridge. Australian scholar Dr.Annamalai Magizhnan in a fantastic interview in Tamil investigative bi weekly Nakkheran   raises an important question. A logical arrival doubt arises by reading the interview. If an army had to reach an island the King had to employ warships, and that is how Tamil Chozha Emperors conquered many countries including Srilanka with their navy. Even today the Sea Tigers are engaged in mid sea wars. If a bridge had to be constructed by Rama to reach Srilanka that denotes he does not have a navy or does not know to conquer the seas.

Human Race is not from Brahma’s face

Sanskrit epics are scientifically proven evidences but Tamil literary sources are figment of imagination, opine all enemies within Tamil language speakers. They are non-Tamils and belong to the invaders of bygone era, yet within their brains a superiority complex remains, which shows their true colors. Adolph Hitler, the champion of Aryan supremacy had to face defeat in 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Contrary to Hitler’s wish, Jesse Owens, a black US athlete won four gold medals and broke number of world records simultaneously, and angry Hitler left the stage refusing to shake hands. This event is a blow to one dictator who erroneously believed that his race is superior. We can trace our 160 million year old origins to that one mitochondria DNA from Africa, since then our ancestors spread over the rest of the world in successive widening waves of migration. Yet somebody within our land live in an illusion that they are gods children born in his face and they are superiors to all others. This group is the enemy within, correctly identified by Periyar EVR. Not that they exposed their true colors during his lifetime. Now seeing what Koreans are attempting it is high time to identify the enemies within.

The enemies within were bent upon denying the truth that Indus Valley civilization is Dravidian. They wanted to rename it as Saraswathi civilization to paint it as Aryan. After previous Governmen’ts attempts to trace the river failed, when even after 9 excavations no such river could be found, it is a fact that in Indian Parliament, the United Progressive Alliance had laid to rest the speculation about the river by saying Saraswathi does not exist. This is a declaration by a Government. Will the enemies within admit that this evidence opened our eyes and we accept truth? They wont. They only want what they believe and that cannot be truth and never can be accepted as gospel.

Suppressing Chozha History in Textbooks.

The Times of India dated 1 st Feb.2002 carried the following news. “ Terming the new history syllabus of NCERT, as assault on history, noted historians Irafan Habib, Suraj Bhan and Arjun Dev pointed out glaring omissions which have nothing to do with a serious academic approach. Attacking Human Resources Development Minister Murli Manohar Joshi for inflicting traditional history as reconstructed by RSS, they said it is an insult to professional historians. According to Dev in class VI syllabus Vedic culture has been made a part of Bronze Age along with Harappan, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Chinese civilizations. Iron age’s relevance has been limited to the megalithic culture of the Deccan and South India. And there are no references to the early South Indian kingdoms like Chozhas, Cheras, Pandyas and Sathavahanas.” Title itself stated Chola History is blacked out, that is the journalism prevailing in North India, in Delhi Times of India. The Hindu in Chennai after a month wrote a central page on Tampering with history. Not a single line about the Tamil Emperors History being suppressed and hitting headlines in North. They wrote from leftist viewpoint upholding the secular pop up for soothing Islamic sentiments hurt by distortion, but never they told truth about Tamil history being suppressed. That is the enemy within us at work, what else. While I met MDMK General Secretary Vaiko in Vellore in August, I narrated my protest letters, statements, and articles over Tampering with Tamil history, and a shrewd politician he is, he wrote from jail lauding my struggle against tampering of history.

Sanskrit Epics versus Tamil classics

 Dr.D.N.Jha, an eminent historian states, “ In fact there are 300 versions of Ramayana. In Sanskrit alone there are 25 versions including Valmiki’s ”. Our enemies within want Kambaramayam alone   must be accepted forgetting the fact that Valmiki’s Ramayanam is the source of inspiration to Kambar. Well all these people have never thought of finding out which of the 300 Ramayana versions is correct and conveniently forgot that a final word on the authenticity of the story had not yet been said The Cultural History of India Vol IV states “ The first and last books of Valmiki’s Ramayana are later day additions. Book II to VI represent Rama as an ideal hero while in the first and seventh, he is made an avatar of Vishnu”

Professor Hugh Craig Director of the Center for Literary and Linguistics Computing at the University of New Castle in Australia, few years ago employed computational stylistics to determine whether Shakespeare wrote Edward III. Academics have been arguing for years whether Shakespeare wrote Timon of Athens in its entirety or whether it was partly the work of Thomas Middleton. A more fruitful and widely accepted partnership was between Shakespeare and John Fletcher. It is generally agreed that two writers collaborated on All is True [Henry VIII] and the Two noble kinsmen, probably the last play Shakespeare was involved with. All these are researches that are aimed at unraveling some fresh truths. But our enemies within will question if Dr.R.Mathivanan writes that date of Tholkappiyam is 865 B.C. The literary sources used will be questioned. Why not question the 300 versions of Ramayana, why not unravel the truth, if at all, hidden in Sanskrit epics. These enemies who want a post mortem of any source about Tamil from any literary evidence, are not willing to subject Sanskrit epics to such vigorous tests.

Tamil scholars have written many books, equally English knowing Tamil scholars from foreigners to Tamils have written many books. But all these books are confined to libraries. Tamilnadu Government, which nationalizes the books of Tamil scholars, must bring out cheap editions of all their works and distribute to schools and colleges, so that future generation knows how to defend the arguments advanced by the enemies within.

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