Copy to: Hon’ble Sonia Gandhi M.P                                                   24.4.2008

                Hon’ble Rahul Gandhi M.P


Respected Sir


Subject: Cheap Minister N.Rangasamy’s Orchestra against Chief Secretary regarding.


With due regard to the constitutional post of Chief Minister, we are not keen in degrading its respectability hence we chose to complain against a Cheap Minister who had patronized all criminality and corruption in our tiny Union Territory. The corruption in this state grew in Himalayan heights after the Union Government appointed Mr.C.S.Khairwal as Chief Secretary of our cursed territory, cursed by the Union Government.


The Chief Vigilance Commission headed by Noble Man .N.Vittal had released a list of 95 most corrupted officials in this country, wherein the 4th name in list, Mr.C.S.Khairwal who got the honor states “ C.S.Khairwal, Secretary, Tourism Delhi : In February 1996, Khairwal, a 1974 batch IAS officer was arrested on corruption charges and his wealth was estimated at approximately Rs.10 crores. This included Rs.9.7 crores in real estate and the rest in fixed deposits, jewellry, vehicles, besides cash. According to CBI, Khairwal made his millions when bus transports in Delhi were privatized and transport operators, in search of lucrative routes, bribed officials heavily. The CBI believes Khairwal’s fortunes grew in direct proportion to the permit violations by the operators”


This Chief Secretary aided , abetted, assisted, advised Mr.N.Rangasamy on whichever ways by whatever means public money, including tsunami funds could be grabbed by creation of societies which need not be audited by Comptroller and Auditor General. Having been assisted by such a corrupt official who went out of his way to nourish the ego of Mr.N.Rangasamy making him to live under the illusion that he is Maharaja of Independent princely state of Puducherry, N.Rangasamy is unhappy with successive Lt.Governor’s and Chief Secretaries, whether they were NDA or UPA government appointees.Mr.N.Rangasamy crossed swords with Lt.Governor N.N.Jha, and the Union Home Ministry if you seek will provide all files which former Lt.Governor N.N.Jha made complaints against N.Rangasamy. The same is the case recently resigned Lt.Governor Mukut Mithi, a former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesht, who knows the rule and the limits of an elected Chief Minister, who should not bypass cabinet’s authority usurping the powers to nurse his own constituency. The former Chief Secretary Prakash Mehra too faced innumerable hurdles in his tenure, all because none of these authorities be it Lt.Governor or Chief Secretary danced to the tunes of N.Rangasamy.


The current Chief Secretary Mr.Rakesh Bihari had been constantly under the firing line of the Cheap Minister N.Rangasamy. In midst of agitating students, he instigated the students saying the Chief Secretary is the stumbling block for educational fee scheme. Close on the heels of this appearing in media, our party wrote to the Prime Minister and Lt.Governor that the “Chief Minister had violated the oath of secrecy by publicly targeting his Chief Secretary”. Since all of you who respect democracy and our constitution did not remove this autocrat from office and he bought time begging to submit the budget, he has started his orchestra against the Chief Secretary, using the most obedient servant to him, the Opposition Leader A.M.H.Nazim of DMK. The open debate in Legislative assembly against a Chief Secretary and on which complaint he should act, which enquiry to be dropped, and the intervention of Cheap Minister N.Rangasamy advising the Chief Secretary in the floor of the house and through electronic and print media, not to act against complaints, which the gangs call anonymous ones, forgetting the fact that CVC allows whistle blowers to expose corruption. Here the attack is not on anonymous complaints but specific complaints made by the registered political party Dravida Peravai, and other consumer-socio-political organizations. Just for the sake of promised Corporations in post budget session, the Opposition Leader is trying to bark at the honest officials to stall all complaints.


The commercial tax dues not collected by the Government are one issue over which complaints went. There are numerous petrol bunks in Puducherry, where the petrol/diesel prices are kept lower. This had created a petrol/diesel smuggler’s lobby, which do not literally smuggle petrol/ diesel after it reaches Puducherry limits. The quota for Puducherry is offloaded en route to Puducherry in Tamil Nadu itself, and many times more than the intake in Puducherry, the quantum of offloaded petrol in Tamilnadu is more. This smuggling helps the petrol bunks in Puducherry to pocket huge profits, and in Tamilnadu the dealers who benefit out of this smuggling evades sales tax that is due to Tamilnadu by them. The Puducherry Petrol/Diesel bunks too evade sales tax that is due to Puducherry. Thus a smuggling racket depriving both states of their due thrives for long. The irony of the situation here is Dravida Peravai sent complaint to the Chief Secretary about bunks that show sales in Puducherry but had kept huge tax arrears. We cited one incident of 6 cores uncollected from single dealer. Acting on our complaint when Chief Secretary forwards that to Commercial Taxes department under the Cheap Minister, in order to stall such collections that are due to state exchequer, the Cheap Minister engages the lung power of the Opposition Leader and other cheer leaders of the Cheap Minister, to turn the heat on Chief Secretary by open comment and advice through the floor of the House. The industrialists owe 90 crore power bills, is another case in another day Cheap Minister will let loose his cheer leaders, all to stop collections due to government coffers.


His continuance in office every other day is a loss to National Exchequer, and his continuance in office brings shame only to the doors of you as Prime Minister, and Madam Sonia Gandhi who heads a political party  which should set an example to others.


N.Nandhivarman, General Secretary, Dravida Peravai.

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