Mr.Rahul Gandhi M.P                                                                      23rd March 2008

General Secretary All India Congress Committee


Respected Rahul Gandhi


Dravida Peravai, the political party of Periyarites which never seeks office but works for social causes, wishes to place on record our appreciation for your visit to Naxal infected areas Orissa. Instead of brushing naxalism as law and order issue, you have gone there to understand the ground reality as well as to trace the root cause for people turning towards path of violence. By your visit whole India has started to look for your intervention on many issues which the old guard in your party will keep in cold storage.Close on the heels of this trip, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair showered praise on you saying that you are the “most talented” and “insightful” of the younger generation of politicians worldwide and you have got a first class mind and great commitment to India. This made us think that you can be approached to place our views on the worst Chief Minister of Puducherry who still clings to office shamelessly in spite of many blunders he has been committing unmindful of the existence of high command.


1. No human being with a heart and conscience would have amassed private wealth at the cost of Tsunami victims. Two weeks ago the Joint Action Committee of Puducherry Fishermen Association met our Hon’ble Prime Minister and complained not a single house had been constructed by Puducherry Government and only Maharastra Government and Ngo’s had constructed. Under RTI Act, the PMO states that 1212 crores is unspent in Puducherry. Dravida Peravai had submitted a detailed complaint to the Sub Committee on Tsunami Relief under the Ministry Home Affairs. Yet the old guard in your party does not want to sack him.


2. The Special Component Plan funds that should have been earmarked according to population will technically be spelt in budget but spent for other projects. The Parliamentary party  leader of PMK, Professor Ramdass, an economist of repute had issued press statement that 1277 crores earmarked for Special Component Plan meant for Scheduled Caste Welfare had not reached the SC people, and SC associations are agitating to get back this bag log as Special Package from Centre. Yet your party keeps him in power antagonizing the oppressed classes.


3. The dream of your father Rajiv Gandhi, the Panchayat Raj in Puducherry, a tiny state, could not be realized, that too with your party at the helm here. The Chief of Local Bodies few days ago carried out a protest procession on the refusal of the Chief Minister to hand over adequate powers to local bodies. Close on the heels of this procession, The Minister Mr.Malladi Krishna Rao, had shed his Local Administration portfolio, accusing that last year the allocation for Local bodies were in the tune of 61 crores, but this year it is going to be Rs 44 crore, out of which Rs 33 crores will go to MLA Constituency Development leaving just 10 crores for Local Administration in the proposed budget of Rs 1750 crores to be presented on 26 th March 2008.


4. The AIADMK General Secretary J.Jayalalitha directed her partymen to launch an agitation on 20th March seeking dismissal of Rangasamy Government, because it had made mockery of the Cabinet system and many decisions were taken bypassing the cabinet. This had been our charge in the memorandum submitted to Lt.Governor Mr.Mukut Mithi on 13th March, which was lifted in letter and spirit by AIADMK Supremo.


Subsequently the Supreme Court in a judgment of 4th March had found Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister of constitutional violations and since the judgment in fact fitted in every way with the functioning of N.Rangasamy, we had urged the President, marking copies to all Ministers in Mr.Manmohan Singh Government, to dismiss the Government headed by N.Rangasamy. We are not demanding the dismissal of a Congress Chief Minister for the sake of politics or rivalry like the case of J.Jayalalitha. We only want a human being with fewer vices as our Chief Minister.


5. The 5 Cabinet Ministers are united in fighting to secure their rights under the cabinet system and to ensure all constituencies get equal development chances. Under Rangasamy regime only his constituency youth got jobs bypassing Employment Exchanges, defying High Court orders, floating all rules and regulation, that too 18000 jobs for a constituency of 25,000 voters. Other constituencies got nothing. In last elections, we campaigned all the 6 M.L.A’s of Karaikal enclave failed to fight for Karaikal development under the banner Karaikal Union Territory Struggle group. Yes we are demanding separate Union Territory status for Karaikal in view of total neglect of Karaikal under Rangasamy government. Our appeal resulted in all the 4 Congress M.L.A’s of Karaikal region in the total 6 M.L.A’s lost last elections. Two DMK M.L.A’s scrapped through in 33 votes and less than 200 votes. Fearing that fate will befall on them the 5 Ministers are on warpath. Congress high command, though unmindful to peoples woes could at least have thought of party interests and prospects in future polls .It should have sacked the Chief Minister, who manipulates media by lavish advertisements, who masks his animal instincts under the guise of simple ness, who patronizes criminals.


6. Dravida Peravai wrote to Union Home Secretary, who acted promptly and now criminals are on the run here. The irony is Tamilnadu Police had set up permanent camp here and is searching house to house not only in Chief Minister’s constituency but also in assembly premises, an investigative Tamil weekly report.


7. Chief Minister foisting case against 2 cabinet colleagues so far and one 2 more on Monday 24th  before budget presentation, just to wreak vengeance on 5 cabinet colleagues who wanted threadbare discussion in cabinet, which for first time debated 6 hours and more departing past practice of Chief Minister taking unilateral decisions bypassing cabinet. Congress Chief Minister tarnishing Congress cabinet ministers is permissible under the AICC norms, may be that is Congress way of democracy, people are making sarcastic remarks. Is one man above party?


We hope you have the insight to find out truth and to eliminate the Godfather of Crime from seats of power. As Italian people unable to tolerate the mafia protested in streets and told “Basta Basta”, we are telling in Italian “Basta “of Rangasamy.


With Regards

Yours fraternally


N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai




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