Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Thiru.Manmohan Singh                            3.4.2008

And all his Caninet Minister


Copy to: Hon’ble Leader of Opposition in Loksabha Thiru.L.K.Advani and Hon’ble Leader of Opposition in RajyasabhaThiru.Jaswant singh


Respected Leaders


Subject: A citizen’s fight for 12 years against an M.L.A who is currently Chief Minister in a land grab case where Court judgments and eviction orders floated using stay orders obtained in dead person’s name, and the unlawful activities patronized by N.Rangasamy, the godfather of crime syndicate posing as paragon of virtue by media manipulation, needs for intervention by people with conscience regarding


The former Vice President of India B.D.Jatti, while he was the Lt.Governor can be approached even in midnight and mere mention that a citizen had come will wake him to receive the citizen and hear his grievance. He is my friend; hence I recall the value he attributed to the word citizen. In democracy a citizen is supreme, and I hope, you will rise above petty party considerations and end the anarchy and reign of terror unleashed by N.Rangasamy in power. This single real life story of the solitary fighter against the onslaughts of the Chief Minister who abuses power must awaken your conscience.


The scene begins in the II nd Additional District Magistrate’s court on 6th August 1998, where in Case No.O.S 38/97 then M.L.A of Thattanchavady N.Rangasamy stood in the witness box to tell untruth to the Court. He was the witness to support the property grabber, who is Defense witness 1 and N.Rangasamy Defense witness 2.


The learned judge in his order states: “The deposition of the DW 1 is as vague as vagueness could be. The contention of the defendant is that he has been occupying the suit property i.e. “B” schedule property for about 13 years. There is no iota or shred of evidence in support of the case of the defendant. DW 2. Rangasamy, then M.L.A of Thattanchavady would depose as though the defendant was occupying the suit property ever since 1984 and that it was he who got water connection for the defendants hut. If that be so at least there should be documentary evidence in that connection. During cross examination, DW 1 could not state how many huts are in that R.S.number, and that he did not know the specific land number of the property in which the defendant is residing. He could also detail and describe whether the defendant was exercising his right of ownership over the suit property openly, continuously and exclusively. The mere oral evidence of DW 2 without any reference to authentic records cannot be taken as sufficient evidence to prove the possession of the defendant for over 13 years as owner.  During the year 1982-83 as revealed by Ex x5 the land acquisition proceedings took place and in those proceedings nothing is shown that in R.S. No.77/1B any hut dwellers were occupying.” The learned judge in his judgment proved Rangasamy is a liar, and that was when he was mere M.L.A. The learned judge was transferred within one week as act of vendetta by Rangasamy, one could presume and it cannot be by coincidence. The irony of the story is that Rangasamy started planting voters in his constituency by encouraging grabbing of private property over night, to ensure a safe sail in elections and build vote banks. This disease went into his head making him a man with short vision confined to nourishing his constituency alone.This selective amnesia disease reached its peak, when he bypassed Employment exchanges and High Court directives, only to appoint his constituency youth in jobs. The answer obtained under Right to Information Act, will reveal all the jobs in the proposed Puducherry Medical College coming up in his constituency had gone only to his constituency people. Ultimately the Himalayan corruption hidden there is under Central Vigilance Commission scanner is another story, thanks to the 5 Ministers revolting against autocracy. Here the lawlessness and the patronage to his criminal connections taking law into their hands further gets entrenched every day while citizens are praying for wisdom to dawn on Center and party high command.


Government of Pondicherry on 22.2.1983 under section 11 of the Land Acquisition Act acquired 50 acres out of 61 acres and 5 cents for free distribution of housing plots. The remaining land not acquired to the extent of 11 acres 50 cents in Survey No 77 / 1B was handed over to Sivashankaran, Pugazh Chozhan and Raji, the owners. The revenue officials in their submission to Court along with acquisition order 4/82 dated 22.02.1983 and court order 53/ 83 dated 22.11.1993, patta, chitta, sketch etc proved that this piece of land is not puramboke, but a private property.


The learned judge cited this and said that at the time of acquisition no hutments were there.  Then in a case LA OP No 53/83 in the First Additional District Judges court on 22nd November 1983, the question of deciding the rightful owner for apportionment of award amount came up. Thiru.A.Gandhiraj, who was Education Minister and senior aspirant to recently chosen PCC President Post, appeared in his capacity as Government Pleader, and on behalf of the Petitioners current AICC General Secretary V.Narayanasamy M.P appeared. The three petitioners Pugazhchozhan, Sivasankaran, Raju got award amount. The fact they proved their rightful ownership and got award, must be taken note of, because the game Rangasamy is going to play in this issue.


Mr.M.J.S.Sundar, a Christian who runs St.Peter’s Middle English School bought the land in R.S.No 77/IB where Rangasamy instigated trespass, grabbing had taken place, and in support of that Rangasamy deposed before Court and told untruth, for which the learned judge took honesty in his stride and unmasked Rangasamy in judgment. Dravida Peravai feels sorry to mention the victim’s religion as Christian, because while Rangasamy seeks caste clout, we felt it necessary to remind that the Party President which keeps this anti social in citadels of power is above petty considerations, for on the basis of religious affinity they had not taken cudgels against Rangasamy, who spreads caste virus in a cosmopolitan culture of Puducherry. In the Court of I Additional District Munsif , Mr.M.J.Sundar in I.A No 3752/ 96 in O.S.No 1454 /96 obtains interim injunction against 22 all of them happen to be women, as shield to grabbers, restraining them from interfering with the property till disposal of suit. In the long legal battle on 30 th November 2002 the learned judge passed the order in which the paragraph at beginning of this letter which mentions about Rangasamy is delivered.


In this episode we have to cut short attempts to file cases where in mid stream parties passed away but their signatures forged, to delay delivery of justice, and we can pass on many such evidences to CBI, if you direct CBI to probe this land grab too. Let us come to the scene : The II ADM Court ordered to physically deliver the property to Mr.M.J.Sundar based upon the order of II Additional District Judge and the Amin of the Court along with Dhanvantrinagar Police, Village Administrative Officer of Thattanchavady entered the property to evict the encroachers and to hand over the property to Mr.M.J.Sundar, a local gangster R.Velayudam, whose name is in rowdy list and who is implicated in many cases C.P Nos 23 /96, 195/93, 31/95, 6/96, 86/96, 25/97, 29/99, Crime No 113/2000, O.C 595/2001 enters the scene, threatens Mr.M.J.Sundar, stating that it was his property and  Sundar had got a wrong judgment in Court.


Meanwhile a stay was obtained in High Court in all the 22 cases. In local courts the same 22 cases is pending. The irony here is in II ADM court Puducherry 22 counters and petitions are filed on 16.6.2003 stating stay in High Court had been obtained. By telling lie the Court order to evict encroachments and hand over property to M.J.Sundar is stalled. Actually High Court grants stay in 22 cases beginning from 23.1.2004 up to March 2004. To delay 6 months to get stay a simple lie that High Court stay is obtained is used, all is possible under Rangasamy regime.


One Mrs.Vijayalakshmi committed suicide on 24.8.2003, her death not informed to local court nor High Court, but a stay in her name was obtained, a mysterious way of ghost signing vakalats, affidavits and getting stay, thereby proving in death also an encroacher gets relief, because some intelligent crook manipulated misleading courts.


Another party Mr.Anbazhagan  whom the Court Amin went to arrest reported in II ADM Court on 17.03.2003 that Anbazhagan was not in station for past 5 years.After that a vakalat, counter and petition etc filed in local and High Court, another surprise in judicial jungle, where signatures vary  thereby indicating foul play.


Another party on 23.4.2003 Angalan shifts family to France but all vakalats, petitions; counters were filed in his name here. Using forged signatures to hoodwink Courts, the original land owner to whom the property should have been handed over is made to run from pillar to posts, in order to justify encroachments made with the blessings of Rangasamy, whose untruth was unmasked in a Court judgment cited in beginning.


“In my constituency private property will be encroached, and in Court I will appear in witness box to defend encroachments”, Rangasamy can boast and even after Court orders to hand over property, will use anti socials to thwart that use influence to get stays in the name of living and dead, or even using ghosts to delay justice to a citizen, is the style of Rangasamy’s Rowdy Raj in Puducherry, historians can write.


The ultimate sinner is the Indian Prime Minister and All India Congress Committee, which is incapable to oust the King of Lust from the Chief Minister’s chair. Hell to citizens, let us make hay when tsunami strikes by allowing Rangasamy to loot public exchequer and make the union territory bankrupt seems to be the guiding principle of the day.


Long Live Democracy!  Let Citizen face the music.


With Regards

Yours sincerely


General Secretary