First time in its history Auroville Foundation had realized that it is answerable to Indian public and is a Government of India organization and not one run by a neo-east India company. Under Right to Information Act they had partially provided the information sought, for which we thank the Secretary Mr.Ramasamy I.A.S, whose continuance irritates the whites conspiring to remove him. The rule by in-charge, who it seems, had amassed income beyond known sources of income dancing to the tune of the neo-colonialists suits vested interests who try always to clip the wings of clean officials.


Auroville Foundation in its reply No AF/G/4-A/2054 dated 23rd June 2008 states that “most of the areas of Auroville area lies in Villupuram District of Tamil nadu and comprises the Panchayats of Irumbai and Bommayarpalayam. Small area of this Auroville lands are in Kottakuppam, Rayapudukuppam, Mathur Panchayats and Alankuppam within the Union Territory of Pondicherry”


Thanks for the information given by Auroville Foundation. But we want to give additional information to Indian Government and Indian public. The villagers of Irumbai, Bommayarpalayam, Kottakuppam, Rayapudukuppam and Mathur Panchayats coming under Tamil Nadu Government had given representations to the District Collector of Villupuram District of Tamilnadu protesting the action of Tamilnadu Government giving in long lease government puramboke lands of these villages to Auroville Foundation. These representations are numerous signed by most of the villagers. For example to cite few representations, we would recall the memorandums dated 5.08.1998, 11.02.2002 and 20.10.2002. Not only memorandums, a peaceful Protest March also took place and in end a Memorandum was given to the famous Secretary-in-charge of Auroville Foundation. A copy of that memorandum was given to the District Collector. On that basis a tri-partite talks took place between the villagers and Auroville Foundation in the presence of Vanur Taluk Tahsildar, which ended in reaching no agreement. This is history of the continuing struggle of local Tamil people. Meanwhile Supreme Court Advocate Dr.L.M.Singhvi M.P writes a letter to then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Selvi J.Jayalalitha on 16th February 2002. In his letter it is said:


Dear Dr.Jayalalitha


I would like to call on you, inter alia, with regard to the project of Auroville, which has rendered great service to the neighbouring villages of the Villupuram District of Tamilnadu.


The Auroville project has received an accolade and endorsement from UNESCO. It aims at Education for Human Unity. It has a spiritual dimension and provides for unprecedented experiments and innovations in science of consciousness and pedagogy, which have a national and international importance. A large number of children in Villupuram District will also be receiving quality education under the project.


Auroville Foundation enshrines the vision of Aurobindo, which was elaborated by the Mother as a concept of collective yoga. That vision is embodied in the Master Plan of Auroville, which had now been prepared and approved in consonance with the mandate of the Auroville Foundation Act 1988. The Master Plan was prepared with the active participation of Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and has already been adopted and approved under the provisions of the Auroville Foundation Act. I am sending herewith a copy of the Master plan for your ready reference. I would request you to consider promulgating the Auroville Master plan and entrust the task of implementing all follow-up liaison measures to a designated officer of the Government of Tamilnadu.


As a Member of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation, I feel that this Master Plan will provide an excellent example of development and will benefit the entire bio-region in and around Auroville.


The development of Auroville, however, requires protection of the area from potential speculators, who want to take undue advantage of the ecological development made by Auroville. In order to achieve that objective the Tamilnadu Government has been approached by the Auroville Foundation for protection and help. It has been suggested that the Tamilnadu Government could issue an order in favour of Auroville Foundation similar to the one that had been issued, no one may develop, buy or sell any area, which falls within the Master Plan of Auroville, unless the Auroville Foundation gives a No Objection Certificate.


It would be gracious of you to extend your whole hearted support to the Auroville Project and its development which would be crucial at this juncture.


I would like to call on you personally to congratulate you and to explain the representation made by Auroville in the afternoon of March 2nd or March 3rd , if any of these dates is convenient to you.


I would also like you to visit Auroville whenever you can.


Yours sincerely



Addressed to: Dr.J.Jayalalitha, Poes Gaerdden, Chennai [as spelt in his letter]


In the party letter head of ALL INDIA ANNA DRAVIDA MUNNETRA KAZHAGAM dated 1st March 2002 J.JAYALALITHA, General Secretary A.I.A.D.M.K party, Chief Minister Designate of Tamilnadu, 81/80 Poes Garden, Chennai 600086 replies:


Dear Dr.L.M.Singhvi


I received your letter dated 16.02.2002 and thank you very much for the kind sentiments expressed therein.


I wish to inform you that I am in total agreement with you on the need to preserve the ecological balance attained in Auroville over the years, through its diverse and sustained efforts in fields such as development, environment, education and spirituality. I assure you that I will give my serious consideration to the request you made in this regard.


However, I think I may have to deny the pleasure of meeting you on March 2nd or 3rd in view of other occupations. I am sure we will be able to meet later. With kind regards, I remain. Yours sincerely J.Jayalalithaa


Addressed to :Dr.L.M.Singhvi M.P Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Formerly India’s High Commissioner in U.K. 18 Willingdon Crescent, New Delhi.


BIG NAMES AND REPUTED MEN ARE ADVOCATING THE AUROVILLE CAUSE BUT THERE IS NO MAHATHMA GANDHI TO SPEAK FOR THE TAMIL VILLAGERS. In whole of India only Mehta Patkar comes to memory, when it matters fighting for displaced people. In big dams though people are displaced, the benefits reach millions of people who get water and electricity out of such projects. But from Auroville project is anyone in nearby villages benefited? Take for example the condition imposed on villagers that they should get No Objection Certificate from Auroville Foundation if they want to sell their lands. The fundamental right is curtailed to benefit a single buyer, who can dictate the price. And while an area develops people living there for centuries in poverty get a centuries chance to get a good price for their lands to redeem their families from the clutches of poverty. This chance is curtailed by the neo-colony set up here in Tamil soil.


Dr.Kalaignar M.Karunanithi, current Chief Minister of Tamilnadu is a vociferous champion of State Autonomy. I would like to recall the State Autonomy Conference held at Annanagar of Chennai in 1970, wherein Punjab Chief Minister Gurnam Singh participated, in which I as Student DMK leader along with 4 other party functionaries of Puducherry handed over the State Autonomy Torch in the hands of Kalaignar.Kalaignar. He must know how East India Company obtained concessions from Indian Maharajas, who were blissfully unaware what future holds for their lands.


It may sound harsh statement. But I am duty bound to explain the reasons to Indian public.


To my question on how many Tamils are given citizenship in Auroville, or if this usage is not to your liking, how many Tamils are made Aurovillians, i.e. residents, the answer given by the Auroville Foundation is: “There is no separate enumeration of Tamil people of Auroville. Out of total 1619 Aurovillians, 472 are Indians” is the reply. Going through the information provided,


The approximate nationality wise break up is as follows : Americans 71, Argentinean  9, Australian 13, Austrian 9, 1 Bangladesh , Belgians 22, Brazilians 5, British 52, Canadian 27, Columbian 2, Dutch 72, Ethiopian 1, French 278, German 219, Hungarian 3, Israeli 6, Hungarians 3, Italians 79, Japanese 4, Kazak 1, Korean 11, Lithuanian 2,Moroccan 1, New Zealand 1, Russian 38, Ukrainian 21, Spanish 31, Srilankan 4, Sweden 11, Swiss 45, Tibet 7, Tunisia 1, Finnish 1, Bulgarian 1 Ethiopian 1, Irish 1. The Indians as per the statistics given are 472. [This will be corrected and updated soon]


1. Indian voter lists are available freely in internet. There never exists secrecy. Similarly instead of politicians like me seeking information under Right to Information Act, the Auroville Foundation must publish its residents list in its websites. It need not shy or avoid transparency. We have nothing against all foreigners staying there; our Tamil soil nourished in universal out look for centuries by our poets and philosophers considers humanity as one. “All country is our country, all men are our kinsmen” said our Great Poet Kaniyan Poongunran 2000 years ago. But we have strong reservations about some people sneaking into Tamil soil to make our sons of soil as second class citizens. The foreigners, few with criminal background, wanted in other countries, land here from countries with which India has no extradition treaty. They assume Indian pseudonym and their original names not known. Further Interpol red alerts or warnings are not updated in our CBI websites, neither the local police are aware of such Interpol warnings. The open admission by the BBC fame Mr.Carel Theime, of Auroville Working Committee that they just sent out only and one and only peadophile with a honourable farewell instead of handing over to Police thereby giving breathing time of few more years to Mr. Didier Kieme to continue his atrocities against children of Pondicherry till he was nabbed 4 more years after being sent out by Auriville, necessitated us, to campaign for publishing the original lists of Auroville residents with their nationality. It will help Intelligence Bureau to scan the list or it will help CBI to track down wanted criminals. Other foreigners who have clean records and original passports, who are really doing good to Tamil people, need not have any phobia about our campaign.


2. The admission by Auroville Foundation that it has only 472 Indians as its residents raised serious questions. The Aurobindo Ashram issues a Prosperity card to its inmates, which are more or less its membership list. As per 1999 list available with us the Ashram inmates are 1282 people. These 1282 people, if we take all of them as Aurobindo’s disciples in general, must have sought admission to become residents of Auroville. Naturally, Auroville is a dream of a French woman, they worship as their Mother, and Aurobindo Ashram inmates must have sought residence in Auroville. If they had sought, was it accepted or vetoed. If vetoed who vetoed it, and for what reason? Is Auroville exclusively a town for foreigners who are disciples of Aurobindo? Does it have place for Indian followers of Aurobindo or not? These questions the big names that associate with Ashram and Auroville must ponder and introspect.


3. Auroville has 1619 residents and Aurobindo Ashram has 1282 inmates. Is it written by Brahma in the head of Tamil people that they should become refugees in their own soil, parting their traditional lands, so that 3000 people can set up a colony in their midst ? They speak about human unity, and how can human unity be achieved by keeping away local Tamil people. Mother Theresa helped all the poor, why not such noble spirits exist in the Super minds of Aurobindonians? I have repeatedly charged that All Mutts in India are doing charity and only one ashram that does no charity is Aurobindo Ashram. Like Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the Ex-Kashmiri Maharaja ruled Auroville and like Indian side Kashmir, the Indian followers led by notorious egoist Mr.Manoj Das Gupta controlling the areas in Pondicherry, which they still proudly proclaim as white town, always feeling that colonialist are superior to Indians. Why this division? The Aurobindo-Mirra Alfasa samathi with Aurobindo Ashram, The Matrimandir with Auroville. After all both belongs to the followers of Aurobindo. I am not his follower. I am the follower of Aringnar Anna, wanting to establish Aringnar Anna Rationalist University under Aringnar Anna Foundation. I will not aspire anything within Aurobindo circle. But as rationalist, I could not see why there exists two Trusts one Government controlled Auroville Foundation and one Aurobindo Ashram Trust headed by the President’s chair that is kept vacant.


 If only foreigners understand Aurobindo’s philosophy, as it appears out of 1619 Auroville residents except 472 Indians, majority being foreigners, why not set up international city in a foreign country, than in a remote Tamil village ?


4. The Chairman of the Governing Board of Auroville Foundation Dr.Karan Singh, who hails from Kashmir owns Kashmiri Palace and he recently appeared in television and told that the rent he is getting is not lucrative. Dr.Karan Singh, my humble request to you, is please donate your Kasmir Palace to Auroville Foundation, set up an University there to propagate the philosophy of Aurobindo Ghosh, and people say you are a great scholar in that subject and can become the Vice Chancellor of that University. Instead of uprooting Tamil people from their traditional soil, go to your own soil where terrorism had wiped out all human unity from the minds of people filled with hatred towards each other; preach the gospel of human unity unmindful of terrorism. Mahatma Gandhi visited riot affected regions preaching the message of love and human unity. Why not you, after adoring so many posts under Government of India, lucky in a way from rest of the Maharajas who faded into oblivion with the abolition of privy purses by the Iron lady Indira Gandhi, spend rest of your like in your Kashmir teaching Aurobindo’s Human Unity concept, as you try to do here in a remote village called Auroville? A city which was originally planned for 50,000 people has only 1619 residents. It is less than miniature village. Hence I won’t hereafter call it international city, it is an international village, where so many trusts, sub trusts, show case their achievements with grandiose phrases and get all exemptions under the Sun in India, making us think it is tax haven that is why it attracts foreigners. We all know that only pirates searching for loot in mid seas and new lands were the early settlers in all colonies of the colonial era, subjugating indigenous people. Hence, sorry if we are suspicious about the real intention of the foreign settlers in our vicinity. We are cautious that history should not repeat. Should we remain nincompoops just because Dr.Karan Singh, who had not rehabilitated even his Kashmiri Pundits in Auroville, gives a clean chit to all Trusts, which are out of control by the Government created Auroville Foundation.


5. The larger question before Aurobindo’s followers is: The heirs of Mahatma Gandhi did not reap political benefits but other Gandhi’s, not his kith and kin, enjoyed uninterrupted power. Similarly the blood relatives of Aurobindo Ghosh were denied admission in Aurobindo Ashram, and they fought legal battles over Tampering of Aurobindo’s works by two Americans. It is a curse in India that all movements of great leaders and philosophers are hijacked by others who nourish their dynasties. I am not a warrior of your cause. All great names, who had filled their brains with every verse of Aurobindo, fight the colonial mind and their commercial trusts hidden under the guise of Auroville Foundation, masking their material aspirations under a spiritual camouflage. Liberate the Aurobindo ashram from the clutches of mismanagement and egoist life long Trustees, make it a place that treats Tamils too as human beings before they preach human unity to hoodwink the donors and world.


N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai



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