The Government of India and International donors must take note of the words of appreciation my blogs and statements are receiving from the followers of Aurobindo Ghosh. All the mails we got and comments we received had been a source of strength to us. Mr.Tushar N.Mohapatra, a dedicated follower of the Aurobindonian family had posted on june 24 th of 2008 the following comments : [Tuesday, June 24, 2008 N. Nandhivarman is doing a yeoman’s service for propagation of the Savitri Era Religion [DRAVIDA PERAVAI 23 Jun 08 SAVE AUROVILLE FROM FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES] By nandhivarman ]

N. Nandhivarman is doing a yeoman’s service to the evolutionary revolution that was launched by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. By turning the searchlights upon Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the Auroville, he is generating a lot of awareness as well as curiosity among the public. It is good for the hospitality industry in Puducherry and also for the propagation of Savitri Era Religion. If this nexus can work more openly and systematically, then we shall really be able to take the idea of Human Unity very far. All kinds of issues besetting a globalized world will look forward to a Puducherry rendezvous for their solution. [TNM] Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 10:40 AM 0 comments Links Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But I must place before the world his views much before I started the recent open debate on Auroville. Though I had spoken against Auroville in the Athiests Conference of 2006 and had written in Sinthanaiyalan Pongal issue of 2005, there had been voices within Aurobindonian family to show the door to the Ex-Maharaja of Kashmir Dr.Karan Singh, who like absentee landlord manages Auroville. Also other demands raised by Tushar N.Mohapatra are given in his words below including the date, year of those demands.

Sunday, July 22, 2007 A resident of Auroville should become the President of Auroville
The President of India, the Prime Minister, and the members of his Cabinet reside in India. The Chief Minister of Puducherry is a resident of the State. But most of the persons nominated to the Governing Board of The Auroville Foundation are not residents of Auroville. This is untenable; they must resign forthwith. A resident of Auroville should become the President of Auroville. [TNM] Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 9:44 AM 1 comments Links

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 They have no business to continue in such positions
[For first time, govt to choose IIM directors The Times of India 18 Jul 2007 MUMBAI: This could be the final blow to the long-held autonomy of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).]
Are the 5 nominated members of The International Advisory Council of the The Auroville Foundation well versed with the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo? If not, they have no business to continue in such positions. There are lot many others among the devotees with records of life long dedication to the cause of the Life Divine. The Government must not impose its bureaucratic whims over the organic growth of Auroville. [TNM] Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 6:39 PM 1 comments Links

Thursday, June 12, 2008 Savitri Era Party welcomes N. Nandhivarman’s 100 Questions
N. Nandhivarman, General Secretary, Dravida Peravai, in his article, “AUROVILLE’s MATRIMANDIR: AN EYE OPENER,” has promised that he will raise “100 Questions for generating awareness about the happenings in Auroville and to ensure Government of India intervenes to effect amendment to Act and initiate corrective measures.” [7:06 AM & 12:22 PM]
Savitri Era Party welcomes this. [TNM] Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 6:26 PM 0 comments Links

Saturday, June 14, Saturday, June 14, 2008 Savitri Era Party demands free elections, accountability, and transparency in Auroville
[THANKS FOR BBC INITIATED DEBATE ON AUROVILLE – By Google Inc. THANKS FOR BBC INITIATED DEBATE ON AUROVILLE, India – The New Age commune revealed on TV is guiltier of child neglect than abuse, says Loic Rich. “I was not surprised by the allegations of child abuse at . …The New Age Living Blog – THANKS FOR BBC INITIATED DEBATE ON AUROVILLE – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India “I was not surprised by the allegations of child abuse at Auroville – a progressive European community in India- that BBC news team made this week. …See all stories on this topic]
The recent BBC (un)coverage on Auroville is admittedly low on propriety but compensatingly high on priority. Probably, years of good work get a bad name all of a sudden, but simultaneously, some sordid goings on also come under scrutiny, which otherwise would not have happened so easily.
The Congress has the satisfaction that it rules at least a tiny patch of Tamil Nadu through Dr. Karan Singh. But the 1988 Act, without territorial demarcation, deems to be infructuous as of today. As such, continuation of the present Governing Body is not only illegal but also illegitimate.
Matrimandir is the sacred shrine for the innumerable adherents of Savitri Era Religion. It is painful for the Savitri Erans to learn that certain high-ranking persons are colluding with nefarious activities and indulging in falsehood. Savitri Era Party wants change and demands free elections, accountability, and transparency. [TNM] Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at
6:41 PM 0 comments Links


Let me quote from my article in Voice of Voiceless 2006 issue

Jahaji Bhai” is a documentary film with an Urdu title, which means brothers of the ship. These are not sailors of the same boat as the English idiom indicates but literally are slaves taken away in the same ship. These are bonded labour taken 167 years ago in ships to erstwhile colonies of the Caribbean region. Suresh Kumar Pillai had tried to capture their miseries in this documentary on a totally forgotten peoples. Why did people from India go to Caribbean’s? The historical necessity arrives with the abolition of slavery in the nation ruled by white colored people. After the black race got reprieve from slavery, to work in the sugar plantations Indians from Chota Nagpur areas, mostly tribal people were lured into.The first ship left Calcutta in February 1838 and reached Guyana on May 5 th 1838. There were 420 hill coolies, as they were called, out of which 50 are women and 10 children. Many succumbed to diseases in mid way and those who reached there had either to perish under stress and strain within the 5-year contract period or to be killed for so called violations.

In fact many ships went missing and no one was there to shed a single drop of tear. If an Indian coolie absented for 7 days he was fined $24 dollars, which is equivalent to 6 months wages. These Indians lost their roots and culture. While liberated Negro slaves climbed in the social ladder, Indians filled that vacuum at the rock bottom of society. They were induced to become addicts to alcoholism. With few women around polyandry became the order of the day. Africans joined Europeans to suppress the brown race. Picturing their everyday lives and showing lot of documentary proof with regard to their plight from various sources, Suresh Kumar Pillai in this documentary records an unknown chapter on Indian migration. Ravi Dev, Leader of the Roar Guyana Movement speaks for his fellow brethren and a 103 old man tries hard to recollect his fellow passengers of the ship that carried them from India, all shown in the documentary.

While British India stopped labour supply due to awareness and campaigns, French India provided a fertile ground for hunting neo-slaves. Suresh Kumar Pillai had shot another documentary on these pathetic brethren. “ Songs of Malabaris” is a film on coolie migration from Pondicherry and its enclaves towards Caribbean sugar plantations. All South Indians are called as Malabaris or Madrasis it must be remembered. The French recruited the labourers mainly from Pondicherry, Karaikal, Chandranagore and Mahe and between 1854 and 1920 around 50,000 Indian labourers were taken to Guadeloupe and Martinique to work as coolies. It should be stressed that only Mahakavi Bharathiar immortalized the woes of the sugar plantation labourers in his poem”karumbu thottathile”. No one else bothered about our unfortunate kinsmen.

The Indian labourers in French colonies had to face stiff resistance from the Africans because the Indians had to work for paltry pittance, which freed Africans refused to comply. Thus Indians occupied the lowest of the low position in the French Caribbean society and called as “Cooli Malabarise”or “Chappa Coolies”. Indian coolies were never allowed to practice their religious faiths or to speak their native tongues on the plantations .The labourers had to be French in every sense. This was in sharp contrast to other Dutch colony of Suriname or British colony of Trinidad and Guyana where the Indians had some amount of freedom to retain their language and culture. The film looks at the history of migration of Indians to French West Indies and their struggle to retain their religion and culture against the French policy of assimilation.




One person talks about his homosexual relationship in a letter with us. He says since 1977 he was having homosexual relationship. His Indian male partner had sent 120 love letters to this western male, as per his letter dated 6th October 1996. The westerner had given 19 lakhs to the homo-partner, and to earn this the German had worked in petrol bunks during his visits to his home country Germany. It appears that the innocent Indian polluted by this German also cheated Dieter Wilm of Germany. This German tells in his letter that his Indian contact gave him marijuana to sell in Germany and it was found by German police. This Germans letter speaks of a triangular homosexual relationship. It also mentions about many western names, of Aurovillians of those days. Later this German went to live in Puducherry. His name is Volker A.Annuss. Auroville had such people, it is history. It is their duty to weed out such crimes if it exists now instead of barking against citizens who voice concern for public good.




We gave a CD which was sold in free markets titled Auroville Beauties, wherein a western man will be watching two poor young Tamil girls made to perform lesbian acts before the camera. Also in another clipping a western man will be making sex with a Tamil girl before the camera. This indicates shooting of such scenes for selling in abroad. Dravida Peravai gave those CD’s to the then Superintendent of Intelligence Bureau Mr.Ramdass for forwarding to Government to take stringent action .There ends the matter. What action government took it is only known to Government of India. Such CD’s were given to BBC, but due to ethical standards British press did not publish nor did BBC telecast such porn videos.


The Tamil boys who had made it regular hobby to chase white girls, and Tamil women falling prey into contracts to live with westerners in exchange of monetary gains only to be ditched sooner, and a story of one Tamil’s wife got married to a westerner without divorcing the husband, all such real happenings undermining our culture and society, the free media of our country must come forward to expose through investigative journalism.


N.Nandhivarman, General Secretary, Dravida Peravai




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