Public meeting on 15.1.2010


52, Church Street, KARAIKAL 609602  [Founded in 2005]  Tel:04368-224599

 Hon’ble Thiru.P.Chidambaram                                16.02.2010

Union Home Minister  19 Safdurjung Road NEW DELHI 110011

Respected Thiru.Chidambaram

 Subject: Report on Unlawful Terrorist activities in the Karaikal region  as reported in media and the inefficiency of the incumbent Home Minister of Puduchery and Collector of Karaikal regarding…

  •  We read in papers that Hon’ble Prime Minister is going to fine tune Union Cabinet weeding out incompetent and inefficient from the seats of power and is planning to induct new faces, or redistribute portfolios. We were aghast at the one constituency development agenda pursued by ousted Chief Minister N.Rangasamy, and we wanted to liberate Puducherry UT from that rule. But we never in our dreams thought that instead of ONE CONSTITUENCY AGENDA TWO CONSTITUENCY agenda will sneak in robbing all development that is meant for main enclaves of Puducherry and population wise second enclave of Karaikal. We were demanding Statehood for Puducherry, and following the precedent laid when Goa was elevated to Statehood other enclaves were made into UT, we sought Union Territory status for Karaikal. Now we are adding two more demands. Merge Mahe enclave with UT of Lakshadeep, let Yenam either join Telengana or Rayalaseema, when Andra Pradesh is bi-furcated or trifurcated. Though we can present you statistics to substantiate the step motherly treatment meted out to Puducherry and Karaikal with so much portfolios in hands of two representatives of Mahe and Yenam hijacking all development to win their seats but to make all others loose whenever elections are held, we are specifically placing Terrorist related incidents necessitating Union Government granting UT status to Karaikal and directly rule Karaikal through a Lt.Governor directed by Union Home Ministry. Karaikal UT can yield one more Loksabha member, thereby increasing the strength of Lok sabha where Karaikal could be heard.

 KARAIKAL to KARACHI: Terrorist links.

 We are enclosing the Junior Vikatan dated February 12 of 2010 which reports about seizure of explosives in Karachi by the Karachi CID Superintendent of Police Fiyaz Khan in last October 2009.

  The news, Junior Vikatan states had been reported in DAWN, PAKISTHAN DAILY, with photographic evidence of showing the NAME of the SUPPLYING FACTORY situated in Karaikal.

ASIAN TRIBUNE had also reported this, the story also tells that for entire South East Asia, explosives had been supplied from Karaikal. The news report states that in the bomb blast that took place in Bali Island too explosives had come from Karaikal. Not only the Karaikal Collector Vasantha Kumar had failed to prevent this, nor did he have the moral courage to own his faux pas and resign on his own, the moment Pakistan dailies reported this smuggling from the region of his control. Because of neglect by main enclave of Puducherry we started demanding UT status for Karaikal. As a result then Chief Minister Rangasamy, without clearance from Home Ministry had declared Karaikal as District. Few months back Union Minister of State Mr.V.Narayanasamy publicly stated as reported in media that he will hasten the process to get official stamp of Union Home Ministry for the declaration of Karaikal as District. Hence we are not sure whether our Collector is a Collector or is like a Collector, which people ask whether he is like a wife or concubine. The failure of Home Ministry to give approval for District status can be condoned by granting UT status and relieving the so-called Collector, against whom we nurse no personal grudge but place before you a Fact File on Karaikal. First is Junior Vikatan Report which comes as enclosure.


 The Tamil Daily with unblemished record in reporting news in neutrality , DINAMANI dated 15 th February 2010 had published a lengthy story titled WHETHER SECURITY WILL BE BEEFED UP IN KARAIKAL. We are not translating entire version, leaving it to your office to translate in Hindi or English, but you can easily grasp the issues highlighted, hence to avoid our letter becoming too lengthy we refrained from translating line by line.


 Not only to contain but also to weed out terrorism from Karaikal Union Home Ministry must take over Karaikal under its direct control. Pending decision on UT demand, immediately UNION GOVERNMENT must post IAS and IPS officers with clean records , post Intelligence officials, and completely end the nexus between local politicians and bureaucracy which shields all anti social, why anti national activities in this region.

  •  During 1994-1995 The Coimbatore blast fame Imam Ali practiced and perfected his terrorist activities by carrying out rehearsals living in Ammayar Nagar of Karaikal. 
  • During 1993-1998 the J.S.Rifawee, SIMI activist stayed in Jamia Pushra Women’s College of Karaikal as Principal. 
  • In the first week of August 2004 revolver with rounds were found under a culvert near Karuthakudi Road opposite to SPIC in Tirunallar. 
  • In 2003 November end long sickle, butcher’s knife and nail enabled concrete box was found in a house of PFI activist at Dharmapuram area of Karaikal. 
  • All email or mail threats are emanating from Karaikal. These mails purported to be sent by terrorist organizations like Lakshari Taiba, Indian Muhajudeen, JamawoodDawa, Huji etc are rooted and routed from Karaikal.  The threat of 29.3.2008 is known to Karaikal Police Town P.S which seized the matter. On 5 th January 2009 Air India of Chennai received a threat from Karaikal. On 9.3.2009 when a mail claimed the seizure of bag with lethal weapons and explosives, this frequency of threats emanating from Karaikal came to light. Identical mails reached both Karaikal and Nagapattinam Superintendents of Police. 
  • Suspicious murders of Karaikal Region: MARG Port DGM Saravanan, Personal Assistant of Opposition Leader A.M.H.Nazim, Thiru Saravanan etc is tip of the iceberg, of suspicious unresolved murders which Union Home Ministry must unravel. The murderer of Poondi Selvam, a leader from neighbouring Tamil nadu sought shelter in Karaikal.The politician-mafia nexus here warrants direct Union Home Ministry’s intervention. 
  • Lack of Immigration unit in Karaikal is resulting in illegal entry of even crew members of foreign members as verification is not done. Free port to smuggle explosives, free port with wide open gates for foreigners is what Puducherry Government had given us in the name of development. Even after the Special Audit by CAG on directions of Home Ministry, it is learnt the RBI and SEBI blacklisted contractors who bagged the contracts are enjoying patronage of local Port Minister, who continues to hold most portfolios making the Chief Minister a dummy Chief Minister. The allocation of land to Puducherry and Karaikal Ports made without the clearance of the Union Home Ministry necessitates a review by a high level committee of Union Home Ministry to completely trace down all decisions taken in violation of rules and regulations floating all norms of governance, thereby openly challenging Government of India.  

This had made us to appeal to Union Government to come to our rescue and to immediately bail us out by taking Karaikal under direct Home Ministry’s control. 

With Regards  Yours sincerely

     N.Nandhivarman   Hon.President                                       A.S.T.Ansari Babu                   General Secretary

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