Comrade Nitish Kumar had led the National Democratic Alliance in Bihar to victory. In a congratulatory message Dravida Peravai General Secretary N.Nandhivarman had faxed : In this hour of jubilation in Bihar as well as throughout the nation from people who long for clean and good governance, myself, my party, and my sister’s two daughters who met you as little girls when you came to lay down the broad guage line in Puducherry, greet you whole heartedly.Inspired by Jayaprakash Narayan’s total revolution you entered politics and now you are on the threshold of creating nation wide total revolution leading to national level alignments, where already media had started to see in you a future Prime Minister.As loyal friend of your my congratulations…….. N.Nandhivarman, D.Kanimozhi, D.Kayalvizhi.

Dravida Peravai had been an associate party of Samata Party and JD[U] with special invitee status to its National Executive till Comrade George Fernandes was unseated in 2004 at Patna

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