When every time the prices of petrol is hiked almost all political parties do protest, but they fail to note that Indian consumer is robbed everytime petrol price gets hiked, over and above the hiked price. This time Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited had hiked the price of petrol by Rs 2.96 per litre. Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation etc are going to follow this.

Can anyone buy one litre and pay Rs.2.96 ? Is there 5 paise one nayapaise coins in circulation? Even 10 paise coin is out of circulation. So naturally consumer had to pay Rs 3.00 instead of hiked Rs 2.96. Where does the balance 4 paise goes ?

If you calculate the litres sold in a day throughout the country and multiply it with 4 paise you will get a figure to compete with 2G losses. Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee nor the Petroleum Minister Murle Deora have ever thought about this loot. The Corporations too are happy as if they are reducing 4 paise burden from the consumers shoulders.. Dravida Peravai demand CAG audit into the losses incurred by Indian consumers. RTI activists must question these Corporations. My respected friend Shanthi Bhusan and his son Prasant Bhusan must take this issue in Supreme Court. We will be approaching the Supreme Court after we get replies for our RTI.

N.Nandhivarman ,General Secretary Dravida Peravai

53-B, Calve Subburayar Street-First Floor Puducherry 605001

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