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 Only in Indian democracy a ghost can aspire to become Chief Minister of a Union Territory that goes to poll in April 2011. Yes in the Samadhi of Appa Paithyam Swamy near Salem only all decisions will be taken if All India N.R.Congress Chief N.Rangasamy becomes by accident Chief Minister of this UT. You may find this as exaggeration and figment of imagination by a rationalist. Let me explain why I arrived at this conclusion. One day there were rumours that N.Rangasamy will tender his resignation as MLA to the Speaker of Puducherry Legislative Assembly and these followers gathered near old distillery building in Beach Road to take him by procession. His brother’s son waited near Speaker’s chamber and his current alliance partner AIADMK Legislators waited in their party office in assembly premises eagerly waiting for N.Rangasamy to reach the Speaker’s chamber, where Assembly Secretary waited in vain. After participating in a marriage in day time N.Rangasamy from outskirts of Puducherry on his way to the Assembly suddenly received a telepathic message from Appa Paithyam Swamy advising him to consult an astrologer before tendering his resignation as MLA. Taking a U-turn N.Rangasamy went to an astrologer’s house and from noon till evening closeted with him to find out what stars foretell. In assembly for waiting followers’ word was sent that he will tender his resignation only next day and they dispersed.

Next day after tendering his resignation as MLA, N.Rangasamy wanted to meet his alliance party leaders. He did not meet him in his house or office or assembly premises or in their houses. He sought the opinion of Appa Paithyam Swamy by mental telepathy. That ghost guru told he need not travel to his Samadhi to hold alliance talks but he will inform the ghost of Sidhananda Swamygal which rests in the Samadhi adjoining ECR Road in Puducherry to act as his agent and bless the alliance talks. Heaving sigh of relief that few hours travel to Salem is avoided, N.Rangasamy met AIADMK State Convener A.Anbazhgan M.L.A and CPI legislator Nara.Kalainathan in the Samadhi of Sidhananda Swamy.

I sarcastically told that the opponents of N.Rangasamy can convene alliance party meeting in the Pappamma Koil graveyard where lot of samadhis exist and it being regular burial ground lot of ghosts will bless the alliance.

Then when the question of designing the flag for the new party floated by N.Rangasamy arose he chose a lime blessed by Appa Paithyam Swamygal. Appa Paithyam Swamygal had blessed him to capture power in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala etc and advised from his Samadhi to name his party as All India N.R.Congress.  The egoism of N.Rangasamy came to light with the induction of two letters i.e. N.R in party’s name and to ward off criticism suddenly he explained N.R is shortened form of Namathu Rajyam.

Today N.Rangasamy had started his party’s election campaign from Puducherry.  Yesterday the election campaign vehicle in which he should travel was sent to the Samadhi of Appa Paithyam Swamygal and that ghost had blessed the vehicle in which N.Rangasamy kicks of his campaign.

Having observed every move of N.Rangasamy in recent past the following doubts arise.

1. In case All India N.R.Congress alliance wins power whether the swearing in ceremony will be in Rajniwas of Puducherry or before Appa Paithyam Swamygal Samadhi in Salem?

2. The cabinet meetings of N.Rangasamy will it be held in Puducherry Assembly buildings or in the Samadhi of Appa Paithyam Swamygal?

3. Under constitution of India the oath of secrecy does not permit N.Rangasamy to divulge official secrets to Appa Paithyam Swamy or his numerous astrologers. Then how can he function since he takes every decision only consulting either astrologers or Appa Paithyam Swamigal?

4. At this rate he may after every day bath go with wet towel in waist to Salem by car and consult Appa Paithyam Swamy whether he can wear dhoti/ shirt today or whether he can eat idly or chapatti today or whether he can attend cabinet or go to office today and will he discharge his duties only after ghost approves?

All these doubts apart, the major doubt before voters is will he spread his All India party to neighboring Tamilnadu and CNN-IBN, TIMES NOW, NDTV are going to seek the opinion of Appa Paithyam Swamigal who seems is upset that N.Rangasamy’s party did not contest in Tamilnadu polls’ Swamy’s ghost is likely to appear before these channels to say at least the All India N.R.Congress could have contested in Salem

Will N.Rangasamy consult his swamyji and clarify that he will not join Indian National Congress again and will not go for alliance with them in case he runs short of majority. ?

People of Puducherry where eager at least Actress Meena or Mumtaz will campaign for their friend N.Rangasamy but they are upset the unseen ghost of Appa Paithyam Swamygal is doing canvassing and ghosts cannot draw crowds.

We rationalists would advice the ghost of Appa Paithyam Swamigal that should not think of having their puppet in Chief Minister’s chair of this Union Territory nor the should try to sit in this Chair without contesting or having physical body ?


General Secretary Dravida Peravai