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 Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Thiru.Manmohan Singh

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Hon’ble Thiru.P.Chidambaram Union Home Minister

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Respected Leaders and Patriots

The Raj Niwas of Puducherry in past century had one illustrious occupant who was my friend and who later became Vice President of India Thiru.B.D.Jatti. In late night hours then Blitz correspondent and freedom fighter Vincent Rao will go in drunken state and will urge to meet the Lt.Governor. The ADC will be in a dilemma, and ask what can I say to the Lt.Governor ? The journalist-freedom fighter will say go and tell the Governor that a citizen had come. Lt.Governor B.D.Jatti will be come down on hearing a citizen wants him. Such noble democrats have illuminated the Raj Niwas by their presence.

Unfortunately the UPA Government had chosen a Hasan Ali’s friend to the gubernatorial post and whatever Enforcement Directorate unearths had already brought shame to the institution and the Raj Niwas of Puducherry.

Dravida Peravai a political party demands the recall of the Lt.Governor.

Dravida Peravai demands CBI inquiry into the South Indian Educational Trust wherein the son and daughter in law of Thiru Iqbal Singh and the daughter and son in law of the Officer on Special duty in Raj Niwas J.P.Singh are partners. Misusing power on assumption of office the Lt.Governor had patronized his kith and kin and friends and tried to float a Trust here, perhaps to pump in the laundered black money with the help of Hasan Ali.

  1. NOC bypassing cabinet: Lt.Governor had used certain officials to by pass cabinet and obtain NOC to his son’s Trust to start Medical College in Karaikal. The Health Secretary Vijayan was refusing to oblige and present Health Secretary Raajiv Yaduvanshi had also not willing to give NOC. The Chief Secretary when present health secretary was on leave asked the Under Secretary to Health to give NOC. That Under Secretary wanted Chief Secretary to put his consent for Under Secretary to handle file.

This is how the Lt.Governor’s family Trust got NOC recently. We want CVC enquiry against Chief Secretary and CBI enquiry against Lt.Governors OSD and his Trust members. We have suspicion that this Trust intends to start Medical College with laundered black money which necessitates CBI inquiry.

  1. The house address given for this Trust belongs to the wanted absconder Ravi Shah in Parvathi Shah Murder case. Since he is absconding Government said that property was attached. When someone tried to sell it, Puducherry Police pasted a notice that none can buy. How come that house address is shown as Trust address is for CBI to enquire.
  2.  Karaikal region’s backwardness had triggered a separate UT status and I am the Honorary President of Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group. There land had been declared to be bought for setting up of Special Economic zone, but yet that land had been bought for the Lt.Governor’s family trust from PIPDIC, a government corporation.

Prime Minister, President of Congress Party, Opposition Leader, Home Minister must all I hope will agree for a CBI probe into the Medical College Scam.

Why Lt.Governor brought as luggage such corrupt conclave and how UPA Government is careless in choosing good administrators for Puducherry is matter for their conscience to ponder.  To blow the whistle it is my duty.

With Regards

Yours sincerely


General Secretary Dravida Peravai 18.04.2011.

Amended : The land bought by Iqbal Singh’s family Trust is not from Special Economic zone but in Thirunallar Road where Puducherry Government contemplated to acquire for TB Sanetorium cum Cancer Research Unit, a Central Project. It is in Nallambal Village near Ambakarathur.




 In this 2011 assembly elections the great puzzle and unresolved mystery is why the wife of Puducherry Union Territory Revenue Minister and Yanam M.L.A Mr.Malladi Krishna Rao is contesting as independent MLA against her husband ?. Was there matrimonial discord debated retired IAS and IPS officers in faraway headquarters of Puducherry ?

But people of Yanam had earliar doubted whether Mr.Malladi will contest this time, and they thought he may field his wife and keep himself free to jump into the bandwagon of Jegan’s YSR Congress aiming a seat in Parliament. The gigantic statue of YSR at the entry point of Yanam fuelled such suspicions.

Few months ago Mr.Malladi declared that people of Yanam will elect him unanimously since he had made Yanam a mini-Paris by building Eiffel tower is a remotest village. But to utter surprise there are 10 independents pitted against him including his wife. At eleventh hour Mr.Malladi filed his nomination in the hope that Congress-DMK alliance will win Puducherry UT assembly polls.

But as election fast approaches there exists a chance of All India NR Congress-AIADMK-DMDK-CPI allaince faring better than Congress-DMK-PMK-VC combine. Hence the master manipulator cum chameleon Mr.Malladi Krishna Rao had started informing his followers to vote for his wife and not for him since 8th April 2011, sources from Yanam are indicating. This U-Turn is to get his wife elected and to make her a Minister in All India NR Congress ministry if at all it is voted to power.

 People and political observers may find this truth impossible to assimilate and may even think it is figment of my imagination. In next few days cat will be out of the bag and you can yourself know the game, said N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai in Puducherry on 9 th April 2011 morning 9.30 AM.

If this happens then in future all alliances will become untrustworthy. If All India NR Congress Chief N.Rangasamy ditches his alliance party AIADMK’s candidate Mr.M.Sathya Saikumar even before polling and plays according to Malladi’s game plan, it is for J.Jayalalitha to ditch N.Rangasamy after polling is over. AIADMK in Puducherry does not have suitable candidates to contest hence out of 11 candidates three are from same family.AIADMK State Secretary A.Anbazhagan, his brother, his sister’s husband have garnered three seats for their family. J.Jayalalitha will allow one family to contest is many constituencies, and she had to face the music if her party’s candidate in Yanam is back stabbed by All India NR Congress even few days before polling. Haryana was called land of Ayarams and Gayarams once and Puducherry which saw people from different parties jumping from one party to other overnight seeking tickets and greener pastures will also see winning candidates put up on sale when horse trading starts as political analysts say none will get clear majority.