Dinamani Tamil daily in its editorial dated 20.5.2011 raises following questions for which nation awaits for answer.

1. The price of the crude oil imported from abroad after refining inclusive of the profits of the petroleum companies is only Rs 36.52 per litre. Then how come the retail prices are fixed at Rs 67.32 in Chennai ? The duties and cess of both Central and State Governments result in 43 percent hike in retail price. Is it justifiable Mr.Prime Minister and Mr.Pranab Mukerjee ?

2.In diesel and petrol prices per litre Rs 2 is collected as road maintenance tax since 1998 ? As per available statistics from 1998-2008, the Union Government collected as cess Rs 84,251.77 crores. If such being the case why there are toll gates collecting toll fee from people who use roads ? Where has this Rs 84,251.77 crores plus cess collected till date had gone ? For what purposes it went will the great economist reply ?

3. Why is it under Manmohanomics the crude excavated by ONGC is given to private players at 30 percent less than international rates ? If only graft is eliminated and if only we collect tax from oil companies on par with international rates, there is no necessity to hike the petrol and diesel prices. Why Manmohan Singji you are keen to tax consumers and favour corporates, is that what you learnt from your study of economics. You are a national curse if you prolong with this crime of killing the consumer with hikes and embracing corporates with looting national exchequer.

The 34 oil and gas blocks for which 9 times international bid had been bidden is the place where your OIL SCAM is executed, Manmohan JI, people are aware are the differential treatment corporates get under your corporate democracy.

The great economist Dr.Manmohan Singh will argue through his officials that “. But a rise in diesel price is inevitable in May or else companies’ under-recoveries (revenue loss) would touch 200,000 crore this year,” the official said. Diesel constitutes 60% of companies’ total revenue loss for selling fuel below market rates. Since 2005-2006 to 2010-2011 YOUR GOVERNMENT HAD FOREGONE Rs 3,74,937 CRORES in Corporate Income Tax. In same period you gave saved excise duty to the tune of Rs 74,9623 crores, and customs duty to the extent of Rs 10,00,463 croes to the corporate. MANMOHANOMICS WRITES OFF Rs 2125023 to corporate. YES EVERY SINGLE DAY only in corporate income tax Rs 240 crore is written off by Manmohanomics. THE MONEY MANMOHANOMICS HELPS CORPORATES TO SAVE IS THE MONEY THAT GOES TO TAX HAVENS. A Report by Global Financial Initiative will list out the Illegal Financial Flow from India since 1948 to 2008. If a patriotic Indian rules India he will not hike petrol diesel prices. Nor he will lament oil losses are 2 lakh crore and hence common man had to be taxed. If a spokesperson of the people is in Parliament he would have said throw the burden on corporates who have looted 21 lakh crore bonanza from national exchequer due to the wrong policies of Sonia-Manmohan-Pranab gang, instead of hiking petrol-diesel-kerosine prices and crushing the common man. Are you people’s representatives or corporate lobbyists sitting in Union Cabinet ?

 If Pakistan could sell per litre diesel for Rs 35.75 and Malaysia Rs 23.56 why should India sell beyond Rs 50 and that too going on hiking once elections are over. It is daylight cheating of the voters of India.Dravida Peravai, an experimental political party in India condemns the Corporate Agents in citadels of power.