DMK President Kalaignar M.Karunanithi had forgotten Murasoli Maran so soon. The one man think tank of DMK, Murasoli Maran wrote in Murasoli souvenir on how to escape from the clutches of a draconian bill brought by Union Government to prevent DMK from entering the electoral fray. As is a foreign journalist seeking views of a DMK ideologue Mr.Murasoli, the one man think tank Maran laid down the road map of DMK’s defensive war. That was first time DMK men realized that here exists one brain that thinks ways to salvage the DMK from dangers ahead. He did not miss that recognition throughout his life.

I first met him in Murasoli office in Anna Salai, Thousand Lights, Chennai in a small room amidst bundles of books. Whole room was full of books and Maran was encircled by books. When he was in power frequently I used to be in Krishna Menon Marg residence of George Fernandes, who gave Dravida Peravai, national recognition as associate party and Special invitee to National Councils and Executive of Samata party. In same Krishna Menon Marg, Murasoli Maran lived just opposite but I never went to him seeking any favour. But when Murasoli Maran was hospitalized I wrote to him expressing solidarity in his troubled times and for all my mails he had replied.

In Murasoli Selvam’s house this picture was taken in 1970 or so, actual year I don’t remember.

But now whenever televisions write Maran, Maran and Maran it pains my heart. No one should use their parent’s name to catch nation’s attention. Kanimozhi Aravindan must only use her husband’s name and not her father’s name. Anbumani should not use his father’s name. Dayanithi should only be known as Dayanithi. Take cue from Jayalalithaa, she is not carrying her father Jayaram tagged to her name. There is a lesson for all of us in India. Mahathma Gandhi is father of the Nation but Ferzoze Gandhi’s name is used for Rajiv Feroze, Sanjay Feroze and Sonia Rajiv and Rahul Rajiv using Gandhi tag is creating an illusion and myth as if they are in the lineage of Mahathma Gandhi. My friend Rajmohan Gandhi can use Gandhi tag but not the above mentioned leaders. Every leader has a contribution of his own to the nation and society he lives in. By dragging and tagging his or her name the next generation in our corporate democracy sullies the image of their ancestors. The lesson of the day: Be known by your sacrifices don’t sacrifice your parents good image by tagging with you and inviting all mudslinging on the leaders who exist no more.

N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai 8.07.2011