Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam founded by Aringnar Anna had always supported the cause of Tamil Eelam, though there may be many slip between the lip and the cup, but such slip never happened when Aringnar Anna was alive. In the editorial of Dravida Naadu weekly on 29th June 1958, Aringnar Anna states that onlookers reported him about “ Tamils being immersed in petrol and burnt in streets of Srilanka while people watched it as if it was fun. In last three weeks in the arson and looting and vandalism at least 800 people were killed in the capital and other Sinhala areas, and 20000 Tamils uprooted from their homes were rushing towards Tamil dominant Northern parts of Srilanka for safety”. After narrating this Anna breaks the suspense. This is not a report from DMK but by Daily Telegraph of London. The reporter who could not file the report from Colombo flew to Chennai to break this news in London. Indian High Commissioner never bothered to visit riot affected areas, neither the Delhi nor its puppets in Chennai expressed concern over massive massacre of Tamils, Anna wrote in 1958. The same response by Union Government towards Tamil massacres continues even today. Anna wrote had such thing happened to Marwari’s or Gujarathis Nehru would have rushed to raise his condemnation. If Nehru, the last democrat in Congress party as Anna used to describe him , had maintained stony silence in 1958 over lively burnt 800 Tamils, it wont surprise historians over the overt and covert support Delhi extends to the Neo-Hitler Rajpakshe the curse on human race who gets warm support of ruling as well as opposition in New Delhi.

I wrote in the official organ of DMK, Namnaadu weekly on 5.2.1978 on Eelam Tamils and Tamil Cowards, which was to pinpoint our Tamils mental paralysis towards atrocities on our kinsmen. The link from our party website given here will record my state of mind in 1978, post emergency India.

On 4 th May 1986, DMK organized the Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization Conference in Madurai. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, N.T.Rama Rao and to our surprise Dr.Subramanian Swamy participated in that conference. Let me quote few lines spoken by Dr.Subramanian Swamy “I would assure our brothers and sisters who are is desperate situation. India always will stand by you. Tamils are not alone or orphans. There are 80 crore Indians behind your back.  Time will come for those who cause grave hardships to Tamil to reap what they sow.”

I must humbly remind Shanmuganathan, the mobile archives of Kalaignar to trace back my letter on SELO formation in Puducherry [Supporters of Eelam Liberation Organization] which I believed triggered the idea of TESO, since it was much before TESO was formed. I don’t expect credit for I am an ordinary DMK sympathizer, who does not deserve credit. Anyhow now when again TESO is revived as per reports in media, it is my duty to place my views on record.

Backing a separate Eelam (homeland) for Sri Lankan Tamils, DMK president M Karunanidhi has reiterated his demand for India’s role in this regard as he sought reviving Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization (TESO).Addressing a public meeting at Kolathur, the constituency of his son and party treasurer MK Stalin last night, he called for a peaceful and democratic struggle to achieve this purpose.

“The Sri Lankan President may reject the idea, but it will be my endeavour,” he said. The DMK patriarch, associated in the 1980s with TESO which went into oblivion later, sought its revival with the help of leaders, including Dravidar Kazhagam president K Veeramani.He reiterated his demand for a referendum for this purpose by the United Nations and India, an issue he has raised repeatedly in the last few days. He had said he was not asking for a military intervention by India like it did in the Iiberation of Bangladesh.”

The tiny splinter of DMK, which is similar to RSS of DMK, our Dravida Peravai mooted the Separate Eelam as inevitable solution in various forums and books which will be available in net proving our consistency towards our support for Tamil Eelam. All my appeals to world leaders to recognize Tamil Eelam Government in Exile, chosen by democratic means, is in books I had donated to Perasiriyar Library and Research Center within the Anna Arivalayam campus, and in Periyar Tidal Archives.

 Indo Eelam Friendship Forum, a net based group exists all these years to say we are consistent in our goal, achievement of Tamil Eelam. I am happy that DMK is back to Anna’s days and Kalaignar regaining his youthful ideological commitment to support Tamil Eelam.


General Secretary Dravida Peravai.



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