Dravida Peravai General Secretary N.Nandhivarman had written to the President of the Council of Ministers Mr.Mario Monti, Palazzo Chigi, Piazza Colonna 370, 00,187 Roma-Italy over the double standards adopted by India versus Italy in comparison with India versus Srilanka


Respected President

We express our solidarity with the Italian Government on the issue of an accident caused by Italian marines in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Kerala, an Indian State.

Let me take to you to the other side of Bay of Bengal, where numerous Tamil fishermen get killed almost regularly spanning over decades, and the stand of Indian Government which condones such crime by closing its eyes, killing its conscience and guilty of turning blind eye to the brutal murder of its own citizens in mid seas off the coast of Tamilnadu another Indian State.

We endorse Italy’s deputy foreign minister Steffan de Mistura, on India making “absurd accusation of premeditated murder” against the two Italian Marines.

We are enclosing our complaint to the International Tribunal for Law of Seas sent in 2009. We did not have locus standi, only a country can complain. We urge the Government of Italy to lodge this same complaint, demanding compensation for more than 1000 Tamil fishermen killed by Srilankan navy in Indian waters or close to our waters. We would enclose Times of India Report dated February 1 of 2011 wherein the figure of fishermen killed by Srilankan navy without any provocation against peacefully fishing fishermen of Tamilnadu who were fishing for centuries, why for millennium without any harm stood at 378 till 2005. Under Right to Information Act figures obtained by various people show more deaths adding to 378. If Italy had to pay compensation for two Kerala fishermen killed accidentally, Srilanka should pay compensation for killing Indian Tamil fishermen intentionally in Bay of Bengal. Two different approaches by Indian Government against two nations baffle us.

The appeal made by Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group to newly elect US President Barrack H.Obama on 19th February 2009 is also enclosed, where we demanded that Srilanka be declared as terrorist state for indulging in cross border killings to eliminate Indian Tamil fishermen in perpetuation of its genocidal agenda.

Italy must take up the issue of 2 Italian mariners before International Criminal Court of Justice, where our complaint against killing of Indian Tamil fishermen is in dustbin.

The issue is simple. Bay of Bengal has oil/gas finds, and in Palk Straits 30,000 kilometers is supposed to have natural gas and oil. Hence Srilanka goes on killing Indian fishermen on the pretext of violating its waters, and India closes its eyes because it wants Srilanka to execute the dirty job of driving Tamil fishermen out of seas. To frighten them nearly 1000 fishermen had been killed in Bay of Bengal and we have been demanding that India demand Rs 1 crore as compensation for every fishermen killed by Srilanka.

Italy offered 2 crores which India finds insufficient. Why India punishes Italy but not even arrests Srilankan navy for killing nearly 1000 Indian Tamil fishermen, is our question.

Human Rights violations can be taken up by any human being. On behalf of humanity we want Italy  to take up the issue of Tamil fishermen killings before either International Criminal Court of Justice or International Tribunal for Law of Seas, to get justice for 1000 Indian Tamil fishermen intentionally killed by Srilanka with blessings of India.

With Regards

Yours fraternally


General Secretary Dravida Peravai                  21.05.2012




  1. Karthikeyan A K

    I think its all media attention. Whats get more attention in media is treated seriouslyk, whats not is left to rot.

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