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Public meeting on 15.1.2010


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 Hon’ble Thiru.P.Chidambaram                                16.02.2010

Union Home Minister  19 Safdurjung Road NEW DELHI 110011

Respected Thiru.Chidambaram

 Subject: Report on Unlawful Terrorist activities in the Karaikal region  as reported in media and the inefficiency of the incumbent Home Minister of Puduchery and Collector of Karaikal regarding…

  •  We read in papers that Hon’ble Prime Minister is going to fine tune Union Cabinet weeding out incompetent and inefficient from the seats of power and is planning to induct new faces, or redistribute portfolios. We were aghast at the one constituency development agenda pursued by ousted Chief Minister N.Rangasamy, and we wanted to liberate Puducherry UT from that rule. But we never in our dreams thought that instead of ONE CONSTITUENCY AGENDA TWO CONSTITUENCY agenda will sneak in robbing all development that is meant for main enclaves of Puducherry and population wise second enclave of Karaikal. We were demanding Statehood for Puducherry, and following the precedent laid when Goa was elevated to Statehood other enclaves were made into UT, we sought Union Territory status for Karaikal. Now we are adding two more demands. Merge Mahe enclave with UT of Lakshadeep, let Yenam either join Telengana or Rayalaseema, when Andra Pradesh is bi-furcated or trifurcated. Though we can present you statistics to substantiate the step motherly treatment meted out to Puducherry and Karaikal with so much portfolios in hands of two representatives of Mahe and Yenam hijacking all development to win their seats but to make all others loose whenever elections are held, we are specifically placing Terrorist related incidents necessitating Union Government granting UT status to Karaikal and directly rule Karaikal through a Lt.Governor directed by Union Home Ministry. Karaikal UT can yield one more Loksabha member, thereby increasing the strength of Lok sabha where Karaikal could be heard.

 KARAIKAL to KARACHI: Terrorist links.

 We are enclosing the Junior Vikatan dated February 12 of 2010 which reports about seizure of explosives in Karachi by the Karachi CID Superintendent of Police Fiyaz Khan in last October 2009.

  The news, Junior Vikatan states had been reported in DAWN, PAKISTHAN DAILY, with photographic evidence of showing the NAME of the SUPPLYING FACTORY situated in Karaikal.

ASIAN TRIBUNE had also reported this, the story also tells that for entire South East Asia, explosives had been supplied from Karaikal. The news report states that in the bomb blast that took place in Bali Island too explosives had come from Karaikal. Not only the Karaikal Collector Vasantha Kumar had failed to prevent this, nor did he have the moral courage to own his faux pas and resign on his own, the moment Pakistan dailies reported this smuggling from the region of his control. Because of neglect by main enclave of Puducherry we started demanding UT status for Karaikal. As a result then Chief Minister Rangasamy, without clearance from Home Ministry had declared Karaikal as District. Few months back Union Minister of State Mr.V.Narayanasamy publicly stated as reported in media that he will hasten the process to get official stamp of Union Home Ministry for the declaration of Karaikal as District. Hence we are not sure whether our Collector is a Collector or is like a Collector, which people ask whether he is like a wife or concubine. The failure of Home Ministry to give approval for District status can be condoned by granting UT status and relieving the so-called Collector, against whom we nurse no personal grudge but place before you a Fact File on Karaikal. First is Junior Vikatan Report which comes as enclosure.


 The Tamil Daily with unblemished record in reporting news in neutrality , DINAMANI dated 15 th February 2010 had published a lengthy story titled WHETHER SECURITY WILL BE BEEFED UP IN KARAIKAL. We are not translating entire version, leaving it to your office to translate in Hindi or English, but you can easily grasp the issues highlighted, hence to avoid our letter becoming too lengthy we refrained from translating line by line.


 Not only to contain but also to weed out terrorism from Karaikal Union Home Ministry must take over Karaikal under its direct control. Pending decision on UT demand, immediately UNION GOVERNMENT must post IAS and IPS officers with clean records , post Intelligence officials, and completely end the nexus between local politicians and bureaucracy which shields all anti social, why anti national activities in this region.

  •  During 1994-1995 The Coimbatore blast fame Imam Ali practiced and perfected his terrorist activities by carrying out rehearsals living in Ammayar Nagar of Karaikal. 
  • During 1993-1998 the J.S.Rifawee, SIMI activist stayed in Jamia Pushra Women’s College of Karaikal as Principal. 
  • In the first week of August 2004 revolver with rounds were found under a culvert near Karuthakudi Road opposite to SPIC in Tirunallar. 
  • In 2003 November end long sickle, butcher’s knife and nail enabled concrete box was found in a house of PFI activist at Dharmapuram area of Karaikal. 
  • All email or mail threats are emanating from Karaikal. These mails purported to be sent by terrorist organizations like Lakshari Taiba, Indian Muhajudeen, JamawoodDawa, Huji etc are rooted and routed from Karaikal.  The threat of 29.3.2008 is known to Karaikal Police Town P.S which seized the matter. On 5 th January 2009 Air India of Chennai received a threat from Karaikal. On 9.3.2009 when a mail claimed the seizure of bag with lethal weapons and explosives, this frequency of threats emanating from Karaikal came to light. Identical mails reached both Karaikal and Nagapattinam Superintendents of Police. 
  • Suspicious murders of Karaikal Region: MARG Port DGM Saravanan, Personal Assistant of Opposition Leader A.M.H.Nazim, Thiru Saravanan etc is tip of the iceberg, of suspicious unresolved murders which Union Home Ministry must unravel. The murderer of Poondi Selvam, a leader from neighbouring Tamil nadu sought shelter in Karaikal.The politician-mafia nexus here warrants direct Union Home Ministry’s intervention. 
  • Lack of Immigration unit in Karaikal is resulting in illegal entry of even crew members of foreign members as verification is not done. Free port to smuggle explosives, free port with wide open gates for foreigners is what Puducherry Government had given us in the name of development. Even after the Special Audit by CAG on directions of Home Ministry, it is learnt the RBI and SEBI blacklisted contractors who bagged the contracts are enjoying patronage of local Port Minister, who continues to hold most portfolios making the Chief Minister a dummy Chief Minister. The allocation of land to Puducherry and Karaikal Ports made without the clearance of the Union Home Ministry necessitates a review by a high level committee of Union Home Ministry to completely trace down all decisions taken in violation of rules and regulations floating all norms of governance, thereby openly challenging Government of India.  

This had made us to appeal to Union Government to come to our rescue and to immediately bail us out by taking Karaikal under direct Home Ministry’s control. 

With Regards  Yours sincerely

     N.Nandhivarman   Hon.President                                       A.S.T.Ansari Babu                   General Secretary




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Respected Leader Subject: Karaikal people reiterate their demand for Union Territory status to Karaikal, in case of Statehood is granted to Puducherry on lines of precedent laid out in Goa, Daman, Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli regarding

Media reports suggest that in this winter session a bill to make the Union Territory of Puducherry into a full-fledged State is likely to be introduced. You may be aware that Union Territory of Puducherry was never a contiguous area. During French rule it was knit together in spite of being enclaves separated by miles and miles. In Bengal too French had an enclave, which too would have remained with us, but fortunately Chandranagore merged with Bengal. The Union Territory of Puducherry comprises of four coastal regions viz- Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. Puducherry and Karaikal are situated on the East Coast in Tamil Nadu, Yanam in Andra Pradesh. Mahe is in the West Coast in Kerala.

 Mahe which is 647 kms away from Puducherry covers an area of 9 Sq. kms with 36,000 inhabitants. Mahe is situated on the West Coast of the Indian Peninsula between 11 Degrees 42′ and 11 Degrees 43′ Northern Latitude, and between 75 Degrees 31′ and 75 Degrees 33′ Eastern Longitude, just between Badagara and Thalassery, 58 kilometers from Kozhikode, 24 kilometers from Kannur in Kerela State, Mahe with just 9 square kilometers and speaks Malayalam is ruled by main enclave Puducherry. It should be noted that closer to Mahe, the Union Territory of Lakshadeep with a population 60595 of Malayalam speaking people exists. In the case of Puducherry main enclave becoming state Mahe has three options: 1]. To remain with Puducherry or 2] to have separate Union Territory Status for Mahe or 3] to join with Union Territory of Lakshadeep. It has to be decided by a referendum as per the wishes of people of Mahe.

Yanam is one of the regions in the Union Territory of Puducherry. which is 870 Kms away from headquarters. It is situated on the East Coast of the Indian Peninsula at 16 degrees 42′ northern latitude, and between 82 degree 11’ Eastern longitudes bounded on all sides by the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh State. The town of Yanam lies on the spot where the River Coringa (Atreya) branches off from Gauthami into two parts. The entire region, consisting of Yanam town and six villages is treated as Municipality for purposes of local administration. Yenam covers an area of 30.0 Square kilometers has a population of 31,362 according to the 2001 census. The demand for statehood to UT of Puducherry is vehemently opposed by Yenam’s sole legislator who is in Cabinet of the Union Territory. Telugu media reports that this Minister who had taken oath under Constitution of India is so much upset with Puducherry becoming statehood collected 50000 signatures including children and went to France to submit a memorandum to French government unmindful of protocol or constitutional responsibility. This appeal to erstwhile colonial rulers exhibits his and Yenam people’s anger against Statehood for Puducherry. Whatever future status Yenam wants can be determined by a referendum.

 Whatever valid reasons the main enclave Puducherry advances to obtain statehood, is in no way endorsed by Karaikal enclave. Karaikal region is far away from main enclave by 150 kms. It has an area of 161 sq. km. and population of 1, 70,640 as per the 2001 census.Karaikal region is made up of the Communes of Karaikal, Kottuchcheri, Nedungadu, Tirunallar, Niravi and Tirumalarajanpattinam. This region since its merger with Indian Union and since it became a constituent of the Union Territory of Puducherry had received only step motherly treatment from the main enclave of Puducherry. Regional imbalances and continued neglect for five decades led to the birth of separate Union Territory status for Karaikal. Such grievances had even broken the State of Bihar into two states of Bihar and Jharkand. Hence it is needless to tell enlightened and eminent personality like you that to address the issue of regional resentment territories could be granted separate status. Now that Union Territory of Puducherry in the craze to have more powers for political masters has advanced a demand for elevating the UT into a State. To seek your support to de-link the enclave of Karaikal from the Statehood status, and to get the Union Governments nod for conferring Union Territory status to Karaikal enclave, a contiguous region, we are mailing this appeal to you.

Let us all look at Goa precedent. Goa, a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India, the 25th State in the Union of States of India, was liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961. It was part of Union territory of Goa, Daman & Diu till 30 May 1987 when it was carved out to form a separate State. At that time Daman, Diu and Dadra Nagarhaveli which has now a population of 1, 58,204 in 112 square kilometers were left to remain as separate Union Territory. Like that we demand that Karaikal be declared as Separate Union Territory while Statehood is conferred on Puducherry in this winter session of Parliament or later. Precedent exists. Other enclaves too can be made separate Union Territories if they seek or wish. But we from Karaikal region are clear in our goal. Yes we want Separate Union Territory Status for Karaikal. Enough with 5 decades of neglect and backwardness thrust on us.

 The number of union territories is dwindling with former union territories becoming states; hence there is historical necessity to create more number of Union Territories to keep the purpose of the Act alive. It is needless to state that if major state rebels against Union and civil war erupt, Union Territories were security sanctuaries and spring board for security forces to regain and restore the integrity of India. With this forethought in mind, Union Territories Act was envisaged. To give life to this Act, we urge Karaikal be de-linked from Puducherry State and kept as separate Union Territory directly ruled by our President.

 With Regards Yours sincerely N.Nandhivarman K.Subramanian A.S.T.Ansari Babu Hon.President Chairman Gen.Secretary V.S.Nallusamy S.Radhakrishnan R.Sundarraj Vice Chairman Treasurer Deputy Secretary



President Mr.Barack H.Obama                                                              19th Feb.2009

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC 20520

Copy to : Secretary of State Ms.Hillary Rodham Clinton

Respected President

Respected Secretary of State

KARAIKAL UNION TERRITORY STRUGGLE GROUP, from India urges the President of United States of America Mr.Barack.H.Obama to declare Srilanka as terrorist state. Srilankan state sponsors terrorism against its own Tamil civilian population, which they claim as fight against freedom fighters and its own journalists, opposition leaders and even their kinsmen with conscience for human dignity.

But in no way Srilanka can justify its terrorist attacks on Indian Tamil fishermen. Our fishermen over centuries have been pursuing their professional pursuits like free birds, and these Indian Tamils are at the receiving end of Srilankan State sponsored terrorism in mid-seas pursuing their genocide beyond borders. This is cross border terrorism.

We all know that “State Sponsors of Terrorism” is a designation applied by the United States Department of State to nations who are designated by the Secretary of State “to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.

The list began on December 29, 1979 with Libya, Iraq, South Yemen, Syria and Pakistan and now only first 4 are in current list, excluding Pakistan.

The sanctions which the US imposes on countries on the list are: State Sponsors of Terrorism Countries determined by the Secretary of State to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism are designated pursuant to three laws: section 6(j) of the Export Administration Act, section 40 of the Arms Export Control Act, and section 620A of the Foreign Assistance Act. Taken together, the four main categories of sanctions resulting from designation under these authorities include restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance; a ban on defense exports and sales; certain controls over exports of dual use items; and miscellaneous financial and other restrictions.

Designation under the above-referenced authorities also implicates other sanctions laws that penalize persons and countries engaging in certain trade with state sponsors.

Currently there are four countries designated under these authorities: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. The dates of declaration given in the list. Cuba March 1, 1982, Iran  January 19, 1984, Sudan,  August 12, 1993, Syria  December 29, 1979.

On Feb 7 of 2009 : The spokesman for India’s ruling Congress party  Mr.Manish Tiwari  called on the international community to consider declaring Pakistan a terrorist state in the wake of the release of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. “The world should now think whether to declare Pakistan a terrorist state,” Manish Tewari, the party’s spokesman, said in New Delhi. By linking his call to the release of Dr A. Q. Khan, the spokesman ensured that his words were not missed during next week’s visit to the region by US special representative Richard Holbrooke.“Pakistan is not only exporting terrorism, but also posing danger by allowing nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists,” Mr Tewari told journalists. In separate comments, Gen Deepak Kapoor, the chief of the Indian Army, said the “terror infrastructure in Pakistan is existing and active”.

Braving chilly winter, agitated Indian Americans gathered in front of the UN headquarters in mid-town Manhattan recently to demand the world body declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Raising anti-Pakistan slogans and displaying banners and placards denouncing the Mumbai terror outrage, Indian Americans alleged that almost all the major terrorists attacks of the world in recent years have their bases in Pakistan. As such it was high time the United Nations, the powerful Security Council in particular, take measure to declare it as a terrorist state. The peaceful demonstration, which lasted for about two hours, was organized by Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP). “Pakistan should immediately be declared as a terrorist State,” said Rajesh Shukla of the OFBJP. In a memorandum submitted to the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, the OFBJP urged him to take necessary action to ensure that terrorists from Pakistan do not strike again. “We urge the Security Council to immediately pass a resolution in this regard,” the memorandum said.

Taking cue from the initiatives of both the ruling party and opposition party of India, we are now raising the demand to declare Srilankan state as terrorist state by USA  and UN and urge the leadership of USA to use its clout in Security Council to impose sanctions on Srilankan Government. The public interview of Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapakshe that he will defy UN and UN has no locus standi to intervene in Srilanka, while it executes Tamils, annihilates Tamils, engage number plate-less white van attacks on its adversaries and media men in broad daylight amidst high security zones, proves that Srilanka is a Terrorist State and need to be branded so by USA and UN with imposition of sanctions.

We urge The USA President Mr.Barack H.Obama, whom 21st century sees not only a leader of a biggest democracy but a new hope, a redeemer, a savior of all oppressed, racially discriminated people in the world, where Tamils are the target of this century like Jews were the targets in 20th century, to declare Srilanka as terrorist state and impose sanction like the ones relevant in USA.

1. A ban on arms-related exports and sales.

2. Controls over exports of dual-use items, requiring 30-day Congressional notification for goods or services that could significantly enhance the terrorist-list country’s military capability or ability to support terrorism.

3. Prohibitions on economic assistance.

4. Imposition of miscellaneous financial and other restrictions, including:

Requiring the United States to oppose loans by the World Bank and other international financial institutions; Lifting diplomatic immunity to allow families of terrorist victims to file civil lawsuits in U.S. courts; Denying companies and individuals tax credits for income earned in terrorist-listed countries; Denial of duty-free treatment of goods exported to the United States; Authority to prohibit any U.S. citizen from engaging in a financial transaction with a terrorist-list government without a Treasury Department license; and Prohibition of Defense Department contracts above $100,000 with companies controlled by terrorist-list states are actions, which in whole or anyone appropriate should be imposed on Srilanka, particularly USA must stop Israel and Pakistan supplying arms to Srilankan army and through UN urge other nations including China to stop arms supply to the killer squads called army of Srilanka.

We have been urging Indian Government to sue the Srilankan Government in the International Court of Justice.  Only States are eligible to appear before the Court in contentious cases.  At present, this basically means the 192 United Nations Member States.  We are aware that  The Court has no jurisdiction to deal with applications from individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporations or any other private entity. However, a State may take up the case of one of its nationals and invoke against another State the wrongs which its national claims to have suffered at the hands of the latter; the dispute then becomes one between States. We are urging India to take the Katcha Theevu maritime boundary dispute to International Court of Justice.

Judgments delivered by the Court (or by one of its Chambers) in disputes between States are binding upon the parties concerned.  Article 94 of the United Nations Charter lays down that “each Member of the United Nations undertakes to comply with the decision of [the Court] in any case to which it is a party”. Judgments are final and without appeal.  If either of the parties challenges their scope or meaning, it has the option to request an interpretation.  In the event of the discovery of a fact hitherto unknown to the Court which might be a decisive factor, either party may apply for revision of the judgment. As regards advisory opinions, it is usually for the United Nations organs and specialized agencies requesting them to give effect to them or not by whatever means are appropriate for them.

Only States are eligible to appear before the Court in contentious cases.  At present, this basically means the 192 United Nations Member States. The Court has no jurisdiction to deal with applications from individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporations or any other private entity.  It cannot provide them with legal counseling or help them in their dealings with the authorities of any State whatever.

However, a State may take up the case of one of its nationals and invoke against another State the wrongs which its national claims to have suffered at the hands of the latter;  the dispute then becomes one between States.

Judgments delivered by the Court (or by one of its Chambers) in disputes between States are binding upon the parties concerned.  Article 94 of the United Nations Charter lays down that “each Member of the United Nations undertakes to comply with the decision of [the Court] in any case to which it is a party”. Judgments are final and without appeal.  If either of the parties challenges their scope or meaning, it has the option to request an interpretation.  In the event of the discovery of a fact hitherto unknown to the Court which might be a decisive factor, either party may apply for revision of the judgment. As regards advisory opinions, it is usually for the United Nations organs and specialized agencies requesting them to give effect to them or not by whatever means are appropriate for them.

 We bring to the notice of Indian Government about some of the recent cases before the International Court of Justice such as Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea (Romania v. Ukraine) – Judgment of 3 February 2009. 18/12/2008 – Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia)

Though with regards to maritime dispute we can urge Indian Government, for the Srilankan State sponsored attacks on Indian Tamils in international waters, we have to urge only the Members of the Security Council and UNO to brand Srilanka as terrorist state and to impose sanctions on it for violating UN directives.

Indian political parties in power in the State of Tamilnadu again and again raised the issue of Indian Tamils right to living and fishing. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi  asked  then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, to take up with the Sri Lankan authorities the issue of hardships faced by Indian fishermen in enjoying their traditional fishing rights in the waters around Katcha Theevu Island, The Hindu, newspaper report said. In his meeting with the Prime Minister Mr.Karunanidhi said Indian fishermen had the right to fish in the waters around Katcha Theevu Island as per the Indira Gandhi-Srimavo Bandaranaiake settlement of 1974. 

Monday, 21 July 2008  Inaugurating a fast against killing of Tamil fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said on Saturday that Katchatheevu was ceded to Sri Lanka, brushing aside the objection raised by the DMK government in 1974, as reported by The Hindu. Mr. Karunanidhi said though the 1974 agreement between India and Sri Lanka included the rights of the Tamil fishermen to fish in and around Katcha theevu, to pray in the church and to dry the nets, they were taken away when the Emergency was declared in the country. After the DMK government was dismissed, correspondence between Sri Lanka and India led to the rights of Tamil fishermen being deprived in 1976. 

In Indian State of Tamilnadu Opposition leader and AIADMK General Secretary J Jayalalithaa had  moved the Supreme Court to retrieve the Katchatheevu Islet from Sri Lanka. The killing of Tamil fishermen, allegedly by the Lankan Navy, on July 9 and 12 had set off a wave of protests in the coastal districts coupled with the demand to retrieve the islet which witnessed a number of shootings at fishermen from the state as well. According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, territorial waters means the area from the baseline on the coast to 12 nautical miles into the sea, Jayalalithaa said, adding that as per this definition, the 285-acre, uninhabited Katchatheevu islet, lying at a distance of 11 nautical miles from Ramanathapuram, fell within Indian waters.

Sept 12 2008 Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has said “Katchatheevu is a matter settled. As settled as much as Matara in the south of Sri Lanka to Sri Lanka. That’s how Sri Lanka views Katchatheevu. There is no issue. The fact that Katchatheevu is there in the northern part of Sri Lanka doesn’t mean anything. It is as much as a part of Sri Lanka in every sense of the word, so there is no further discussion needed on that.”

The ruling party of Tamilnadu and Opposition leader of Tamilnadu, a state in Indian Union have voiced concern and are trying to secure the fishing rights of Indian Tamils through representations to Indian Government and Supreme Court of India. These actions apart a reply given by the Indian Government to Indian Member of Parliament Mr. D.Raja National Secretary Communist Party of India, as told by him on January 8th January of 2008 reveals that Indian Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar had written to him stating that as per the agreement the Indian fishermen can only dry their nets and offer prayers at the St Antony’s church in the island. “This position is not acceptable,” he said and wanted the Centre to renegotiate the issue and arrive at a settlement to restore the rights of Indian fishermen.

Sri Lankan government resorts  to unprovoked firing upon the Indian fishermen, resulting in the loss of lives of fishermen once in few days repeatedly for years together, the Indian government, being a party to the aforesaid agreement, was duty bound to enforce the traditional fishing right of Indian fishermen off the Katchatheevu island.

The Supreme Court of India, in a case relating to the Indo-Pakistan agreement on Berubary Union and exchange of enclaves, ruled that any ceding of Indian territory to another country resulted in “diminution of the Territory of Indian Union,” and therefore must be endorsed by Parliament through a constitutional amendment as laid down by Article 368. Since no such step was taken by the Indira Gandhi Government or any subsequent Government of India, Dr Manmohan Singh should seriously consider moving the Supreme Court to test the validity of conceding Kacha Theevu to Sri Lanka, the Opposition Leader of Tamilnadu Miss J.Jalalalitha had voiced demand and gone to Supreme Court of India. We are not debating the merits or demerits of a case pending in Indian Courts. We are just narrating the stand of various political parties of India in this regard.

Our prayers to The President is that already Former Attorney General of USA had filed 1000 page charge sheet against two American citizens for committing genocide against Tamils of Eelam who are fighting for a separate homeland.

Bruce Fein, counsel for US-based group Tamils Against Genocide (TAG), recently submitted to United States Attorney General, Mr Eric Holder, the Model Indictment charging U.S. citizen and Sri Lanka’s Defense Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and U.S. green card holder and Sri Lanka’s Army Commander, Sarath Fonseka, for genocide, war crimes and torture against Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Counsel urged the Department to open a grand jury investigation into the crimes, based on evidence amassed in the three volume 1000-page document which the Counsel said “amply satisfies the Department’s threshold for commencing a criminal investigation.”

 But Indian Tamil fishermen, more than 1000 people have been killed in mid seas, just because they are Tamils, and this will prove beyond an iota of doubt that Srilanka pursues genocide as its goal. One of the constituents of KUTSG, Dravida Peravai is collecting facts and figures to submit in the same case, to get justice for Indian Tamil lives.

Hence we the the Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group, a non-political peoples movement demanding separate Union Territory status for Karaikal within Unitary Indian state, in view of the economic neglect of the enclave of former French colony Pondicherry ever since its merger with India, are urging you to step in decisively. It is needless to recall that after African Negroes were liberated from the clutches of slavery, British India only supplied plantation labour to all countries to replace African slaves. When in British Parliament there were protests, the practice ceased in British India. Instead our Tamil brethren from the then French colony of Pondicherry only slaves were shipped to all Caribbean nations. That curse for Tamils continues even in this century. By genocide Srilankan Government wants to subjugate whole Tamils as slaves in their own homeland. We hope you will redeem Srilankan Tamils from slavery and write a new Profiles in Courage engraving your name in every Tamil heart and history. We only want you to follow the precedent of Franklin D. Roosevelt who brought together other nations to defeat Nazis, who wanted ethnic cleansing of Jews. It is time you take all steps to stop the genocide of Tamils and save Indian Tamil lives too lost almost once in few days for years together in the mid sea of Bay of Bengal.

With Regards

Yours sincerely

N.Nandhivarman, Hon.President

A.S.T.Ansari Babu, General Secretary.

Ki.Subramanian, Chairman,

V.S.Nallusamy Vice Chairman,

Deputy Secretary Sundarraj.







The May Day was observed by Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group by organizing two meetings in Karailal. Mr.Jyothilingam, Trade Union wing Leader presided over these meetings. Speaking in that meeting the Hon.President of Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group said ” Instead of setting up massive industries that can generate employment avenues for local youth, Puducherry administration seems to be chasing the mirage by Port and Air Port projects. Only the Major 12 Ports under the Union Government are yielding profits, but all the 139 Minor and Intermediary Ports  under the control of various state governments are not revenue generating profitable ventures, with due exception to Gujrat Minor Ports under the control of Gujarat Maritime Board. There is no industry that needs raw materials to be brought by ship and no industry in and around Karaikal to export finished products through ships, and such being the case setting up of a Port here will be a futile exercise with no revenue generation. Even in Andaman, at the fag end of our country’s border at Indira Point, they are investing 3000 crores for setting up a transhipment harbour. Everyone knows Singapore where ships come from all directions is a best transhipment harbour, whereas Indian states builds transhipment harbours in dead ends.No state government on its own can run a profitable Port, hence Union Government must nationalize all minor ports under various state governments and hand it over to National Seaways, like our National Highways to regulate passenger/cargo shipping along our coast in west and East of Indian peninsula.

In Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu Government is setting up a Port to bring coal to its proposed thermal power plant near Thirukuvalai, the Chief Minister’s place of birth. While this harbour will attract whatever ships, within less than 20 kms another Port in Karaikal will be an idle asset without revenue, first swallowing public money for a wasteful purpose. The proposed Air Port in Karaikal is unwarranted, since the Air Port brought in Puducherry while M.O.H.Farook Maricar was Union Minister itself has no traffic and remains idle monument for wasteful expenditure. Puducherry Port too was entrusted to two private parties, who does not bring in physical money as investment, but were entrusted with 76 percent share while the money investing PIPDIC kept 24 percent shares. So the trend to waste public money on projects that do not yield revenue seems to be catching the fancy of the rulers, who are trying to hood wink the public as if these schemes will benefit Karaikal. The Airport in Karaikal will carry crafts with bureaucrats and politicians only, and further public money will be wasted., N.Nandhivarman, Hon.President spoke,

President K.Subramanian, Vice President V.S.Nallusamy, General Secretary A.T.S.Ansari Babu, Deputy Secretary R.Sundarraj, Propaganda Secretary Thanga.Devadas, Treasurer S.Radhakrishnan spoke in these meetings.

THE PUDUCHERRY POWER CORPORATION: The workers there had been promised pay scales at par with the Electricity Department employees and were appointed, but the tall promises made till date were not kept, speakers alleged.

While there exists a Central University in Puducherry, the proposed plan of Puducherry Government to set up the state controlled University near Bahour in Puducherry enclave, neglecting Karaikal where it should come by way of natural justice, is condemnable, the speakers lashed at the Government.

The Karaikal legislators raised the demand to set up a Government Medical College in Karaikal, but in the floor of the assembly Health Minister was evasive in his reply. KUTSG urges the Government to set up the Government Medical College in Karaikal.

In the matter of nominated M.L.A’s, Government had distributed it to persons within the main enclave Puducherry but had once again done injustice to Karaikal by not giving even single nominated MLA to this region.The pathetic condition of hospital with no medicines and with no proper care was also targeting for criticising the Government in the May Day speeches.

N.Nandhivarman Hon President Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group