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Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam founded by Aringnar Anna had always supported the cause of Tamil Eelam, though there may be many slip between the lip and the cup, but such slip never happened when Aringnar Anna was alive. In the editorial of Dravida Naadu weekly on 29th June 1958, Aringnar Anna states that onlookers reported him about “ Tamils being immersed in petrol and burnt in streets of Srilanka while people watched it as if it was fun. In last three weeks in the arson and looting and vandalism at least 800 people were killed in the capital and other Sinhala areas, and 20000 Tamils uprooted from their homes were rushing towards Tamil dominant Northern parts of Srilanka for safety”. After narrating this Anna breaks the suspense. This is not a report from DMK but by Daily Telegraph of London. The reporter who could not file the report from Colombo flew to Chennai to break this news in London. Indian High Commissioner never bothered to visit riot affected areas, neither the Delhi nor its puppets in Chennai expressed concern over massive massacre of Tamils, Anna wrote in 1958. The same response by Union Government towards Tamil massacres continues even today. Anna wrote had such thing happened to Marwari’s or Gujarathis Nehru would have rushed to raise his condemnation. If Nehru, the last democrat in Congress party as Anna used to describe him , had maintained stony silence in 1958 over lively burnt 800 Tamils, it wont surprise historians over the overt and covert support Delhi extends to the Neo-Hitler Rajpakshe the curse on human race who gets warm support of ruling as well as opposition in New Delhi.

I wrote in the official organ of DMK, Namnaadu weekly on 5.2.1978 on Eelam Tamils and Tamil Cowards, which was to pinpoint our Tamils mental paralysis towards atrocities on our kinsmen. The link from our party website given here will record my state of mind in 1978, post emergency India.

On 4 th May 1986, DMK organized the Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization Conference in Madurai. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, N.T.Rama Rao and to our surprise Dr.Subramanian Swamy participated in that conference. Let me quote few lines spoken by Dr.Subramanian Swamy “I would assure our brothers and sisters who are is desperate situation. India always will stand by you. Tamils are not alone or orphans. There are 80 crore Indians behind your back.  Time will come for those who cause grave hardships to Tamil to reap what they sow.”

I must humbly remind Shanmuganathan, the mobile archives of Kalaignar to trace back my letter on SELO formation in Puducherry [Supporters of Eelam Liberation Organization] which I believed triggered the idea of TESO, since it was much before TESO was formed. I don’t expect credit for I am an ordinary DMK sympathizer, who does not deserve credit. Anyhow now when again TESO is revived as per reports in media, it is my duty to place my views on record.

Backing a separate Eelam (homeland) for Sri Lankan Tamils, DMK president M Karunanidhi has reiterated his demand for India’s role in this regard as he sought reviving Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization (TESO).Addressing a public meeting at Kolathur, the constituency of his son and party treasurer MK Stalin last night, he called for a peaceful and democratic struggle to achieve this purpose.

“The Sri Lankan President may reject the idea, but it will be my endeavour,” he said. The DMK patriarch, associated in the 1980s with TESO which went into oblivion later, sought its revival with the help of leaders, including Dravidar Kazhagam president K Veeramani.He reiterated his demand for a referendum for this purpose by the United Nations and India, an issue he has raised repeatedly in the last few days. He had said he was not asking for a military intervention by India like it did in the Iiberation of Bangladesh.”

The tiny splinter of DMK, which is similar to RSS of DMK, our Dravida Peravai mooted the Separate Eelam as inevitable solution in various forums and books which will be available in net proving our consistency towards our support for Tamil Eelam. All my appeals to world leaders to recognize Tamil Eelam Government in Exile, chosen by democratic means, is in books I had donated to Perasiriyar Library and Research Center within the Anna Arivalayam campus, and in Periyar Tidal Archives.

 Indo Eelam Friendship Forum, a net based group exists all these years to say we are consistent in our goal, achievement of Tamil Eelam. I am happy that DMK is back to Anna’s days and Kalaignar regaining his youthful ideological commitment to support Tamil Eelam.


General Secretary Dravida Peravai.





Dravida Peravai sets new trend

Symposium on Human Genome Project

To hold a symposium on Human Genome project is not in the agendas of action pursued by political parties. On 15.12.2000 in its party auditorium Dravida Peravai invited Dr.Pandjassarame Kangueane of the National University of Singapore to deliver a lecture on this subject.

After 12 years on 8 th April 2012, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin conferred on him Bharath Jyothi awards, and you can see Dr.Kangueane second from left in photograph. Close on the heels of this award, he won Father title from his new born baby, the birth became cause of celebrations in Irulansanthai village near Pondicherry. Dravida Peravai wishes the just born Bio-Informatics scientist to scale greater heights as he grows from childhood to boyhood and then to scholar-hood.


To know about the scientific achievement we are reproducing from THE TIMES OF INDIA report:

Human Genome mapping Complete: Experts

Bethesda( Maryland): The human genome is complete and the human genome project is over, leaders of public consortium of academic centers said on Monday. “We have before us the instruction set that carries each of us from one cell egg through adulthood to grave” Dr.Robert Waterson, a leading genome sequencer said at a news conference here at the National Institute of Health. Their announcement marked the end of a scientific venture that began in October 1990 and was expected to take 15 years. Monday’s finishing date two years ahead of schedule, was timed to coincide with the 50 th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA by Dr.James D.Watson and Dr.Francis Crick. Their article appeared in the April 25, 1953 issue of “Nature”.

Dr.Watson who became the first Director of the Human Genome project at the institute was at a conference here on Monday to celebrate the genome’s completion. He had sought that goal, he said realizing that a family members illness would never be treatable “until we understand the human programme for health and disease. A working draft of the human genome sequence was announced with much fanfare 3 years ago in a White House ceremony. But at that stage the human genome project had completed only 85 percent of the genome and its commercial rival the Celera Corporation using the projects data as well as its own, had attained somewhat more. The project’s draft was not a thing of beauty. It consisted thousands of short segments of DNA, whose order and orientation in the full genome was largely unknown. Three years later, the international consortium of genome sequencing centers has now put all the fragments in order and closed most of the gaps, producing an extensive and highly accurate sequence of the 3.1 billion u units of DNA of the human genome. The data perceived as the foundation of a new era of medicine, will be posted for free on genetic data banks. Celera whose data was available by subscription never intended to carry its draft genome to completion.

The working draft of three years ago contained most human genes and was useful for researchers seeking a specific gene. But up to a year ago biologists said they often had to do considerable extra sequencing work on the DNA regions they were interested in. The completed genome announced on Monday is far more accurate. It can be used out of the box, so to speak, without extra re-sequencing. The genes and other important elements of the genome are now almost in their correct position, a vital requirement for researchers seeking to locate a gene that contributes to disease. Scientists praised the  human genome project for its further 3 years of hard work and for producing a resource of enormous value to research. But several qualified their administration by noting that even if the project is complete, the human genome is not. The parts of the genome still missing are of minor importance, but many biologists would like to see them sequenced before declaring the genome finished. The human genome is packed in 23 pairs of chromosomes, each a giant molecule of DNA. Though DNA’s best known role is to encode the information needed to build specific proteins, the working parts of the living cell, some of the DNA performs structured roles. This included the DNA at the tips of each chromosome/0 and at the center. The tip and center DNA consists of monotonously repeated sequences whose extract order of units is so hard to determine that the consortium’s leaders said from the outset they would not try to do so. …. [news report by: Nicholas Wade in 2003]

On this issue even in 2000 itself Dravida Peravai, the only political party in India which showed interest in developing scientific temper, organized a symposium. The invitation of the symposium is as follows:


Venue: Anna Arangam- Date:15.12.2000–Welcome Address: Ms.Hemavathy [Vice president Science Forum ] President: N.Nandhivarman [ General Secretary Dravida Peravai ] in the august presence of Dr.S.V.Narayanan  Dean of School of Management, Pondicherry University 

Keynote Address in Tamil

by young scientist of Singapore and son of Pondicherry’s soil

Dr.Pandjassarame Kangueane B.Tech. Ph.D

” The future is full of promise as it is fraught with uncertainty. The industrial society is giving way to one based on knowledge and those without it. We must learn and be part of the knowledge based world. Knowledge is fundamental in Biology, a discipline of extreme complexity. The Human Genome Project and computational developments will change the practice of medicine in future. in his key note address, the young scientist of our soil will outline how HLA (gene) INFORMATICS can be utilized in vaccine design, diagnosis and treatment” All from all walks of life are cordially invited, said the invitation. Dr.Arima Magizhgo delivered the vote of thanks.

Update on 27.12.2012 : Our friendship which lasted 12 years, resulted in me becoming one of the Associate Editors of Govern Good, a net magazine getting Rs 5000 per month for past 6 months for cofee expenses as Dr.Kangeaune would prefer to call. Dr.Kangeaune donated a chair for our party office when symposium was held. I had borrowed Rs 10,000 from him by cheque repayable before I breath my last. My life is open book and since my days are numbered I record everthing that happened in my life..

Murasoli Maran: One Man Think Tank — July 8, 2011

Murasoli Maran: One Man Think Tank

DMK President Kalaignar M.Karunanithi had forgotten Murasoli Maran so soon. The one man think tank of DMK, Murasoli Maran wrote in Murasoli souvenir on how to escape from the clutches of a draconian bill brought by Union Government to prevent DMK from entering the electoral fray. As is a foreign journalist seeking views of a DMK ideologue Mr.Murasoli, the one man think tank Maran laid down the road map of DMK’s defensive war. That was first time DMK men realized that here exists one brain that thinks ways to salvage the DMK from dangers ahead. He did not miss that recognition throughout his life.

I first met him in Murasoli office in Anna Salai, Thousand Lights, Chennai in a small room amidst bundles of books. Whole room was full of books and Maran was encircled by books. When he was in power frequently I used to be in Krishna Menon Marg residence of George Fernandes, who gave Dravida Peravai, national recognition as associate party and Special invitee to National Councils and Executive of Samata party. In same Krishna Menon Marg, Murasoli Maran lived just opposite but I never went to him seeking any favour. But when Murasoli Maran was hospitalized I wrote to him expressing solidarity in his troubled times and for all my mails he had replied.

In Murasoli Selvam’s house this picture was taken in 1970 or so, actual year I don’t remember.

But now whenever televisions write Maran, Maran and Maran it pains my heart. No one should use their parent’s name to catch nation’s attention. Kanimozhi Aravindan must only use her husband’s name and not her father’s name. Anbumani should not use his father’s name. Dayanithi should only be known as Dayanithi. Take cue from Jayalalithaa, she is not carrying her father Jayaram tagged to her name. There is a lesson for all of us in India. Mahathma Gandhi is father of the Nation but Ferzoze Gandhi’s name is used for Rajiv Feroze, Sanjay Feroze and Sonia Rajiv and Rahul Rajiv using Gandhi tag is creating an illusion and myth as if they are in the lineage of Mahathma Gandhi. My friend Rajmohan Gandhi can use Gandhi tag but not the above mentioned leaders. Every leader has a contribution of his own to the nation and society he lives in. By dragging and tagging his or her name the next generation in our corporate democracy sullies the image of their ancestors. The lesson of the day: Be known by your sacrifices don’t sacrifice your parents good image by tagging with you and inviting all mudslinging on the leaders who exist no more.

N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai 8.07.2011

INDIA CAN SELL PETROL FOR Rs 36.52 BUT …. — May 23, 2011



Dinamani Tamil daily in its editorial dated 20.5.2011 raises following questions for which nation awaits for answer.

1. The price of the crude oil imported from abroad after refining inclusive of the profits of the petroleum companies is only Rs 36.52 per litre. Then how come the retail prices are fixed at Rs 67.32 in Chennai ? The duties and cess of both Central and State Governments result in 43 percent hike in retail price. Is it justifiable Mr.Prime Minister and Mr.Pranab Mukerjee ?

2.In diesel and petrol prices per litre Rs 2 is collected as road maintenance tax since 1998 ? As per available statistics from 1998-2008, the Union Government collected as cess Rs 84,251.77 crores. If such being the case why there are toll gates collecting toll fee from people who use roads ? Where has this Rs 84,251.77 crores plus cess collected till date had gone ? For what purposes it went will the great economist reply ?

3. Why is it under Manmohanomics the crude excavated by ONGC is given to private players at 30 percent less than international rates ? If only graft is eliminated and if only we collect tax from oil companies on par with international rates, there is no necessity to hike the petrol and diesel prices. Why Manmohan Singji you are keen to tax consumers and favour corporates, is that what you learnt from your study of economics. You are a national curse if you prolong with this crime of killing the consumer with hikes and embracing corporates with looting national exchequer.

The 34 oil and gas blocks for which 9 times international bid had been bidden is the place where your OIL SCAM is executed, Manmohan JI, people are aware are the differential treatment corporates get under your corporate democracy.

The great economist Dr.Manmohan Singh will argue through his officials that “. But a rise in diesel price is inevitable in May or else companies’ under-recoveries (revenue loss) would touch 200,000 crore this year,” the official said. Diesel constitutes 60% of companies’ total revenue loss for selling fuel below market rates. Since 2005-2006 to 2010-2011 YOUR GOVERNMENT HAD FOREGONE Rs 3,74,937 CRORES in Corporate Income Tax. In same period you gave saved excise duty to the tune of Rs 74,9623 crores, and customs duty to the extent of Rs 10,00,463 croes to the corporate. MANMOHANOMICS WRITES OFF Rs 2125023 to corporate. YES EVERY SINGLE DAY only in corporate income tax Rs 240 crore is written off by Manmohanomics. THE MONEY MANMOHANOMICS HELPS CORPORATES TO SAVE IS THE MONEY THAT GOES TO TAX HAVENS. A Report by Global Financial Initiative will list out the Illegal Financial Flow from India since 1948 to 2008. If a patriotic Indian rules India he will not hike petrol diesel prices. Nor he will lament oil losses are 2 lakh crore and hence common man had to be taxed. If a spokesperson of the people is in Parliament he would have said throw the burden on corporates who have looted 21 lakh crore bonanza from national exchequer due to the wrong policies of Sonia-Manmohan-Pranab gang, instead of hiking petrol-diesel-kerosine prices and crushing the common man. Are you people’s representatives or corporate lobbyists sitting in Union Cabinet ?

 If Pakistan could sell per litre diesel for Rs 35.75 and Malaysia Rs 23.56 why should India sell beyond Rs 50 and that too going on hiking once elections are over. It is daylight cheating of the voters of India.Dravida Peravai, an experimental political party in India condemns the Corporate Agents in citadels of power.






53-b, Calve Subburaya Street, Puducherry 605001 www.dravidaperavai.org.in Tel: o413-2221025

 Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Thiru.Manmohan Singh

Hon’ble Ms.Sonia Gandhi Chairperson National Advisory Council

Hon’ble Thiru.P.Chidambaram Union Home Minister

Hon’ble Ms.Sushma Swaraj Leader of Opposition

Respected Leaders and Patriots

The Raj Niwas of Puducherry in past century had one illustrious occupant who was my friend and who later became Vice President of India Thiru.B.D.Jatti. In late night hours then Blitz correspondent and freedom fighter Vincent Rao will go in drunken state and will urge to meet the Lt.Governor. The ADC will be in a dilemma, and ask what can I say to the Lt.Governor ? The journalist-freedom fighter will say go and tell the Governor that a citizen had come. Lt.Governor B.D.Jatti will be come down on hearing a citizen wants him. Such noble democrats have illuminated the Raj Niwas by their presence.

Unfortunately the UPA Government had chosen a Hasan Ali’s friend to the gubernatorial post and whatever Enforcement Directorate unearths had already brought shame to the institution and the Raj Niwas of Puducherry.

Dravida Peravai a political party demands the recall of the Lt.Governor.

Dravida Peravai demands CBI inquiry into the South Indian Educational Trust wherein the son and daughter in law of Thiru Iqbal Singh and the daughter and son in law of the Officer on Special duty in Raj Niwas J.P.Singh are partners. Misusing power on assumption of office the Lt.Governor had patronized his kith and kin and friends and tried to float a Trust here, perhaps to pump in the laundered black money with the help of Hasan Ali.

  1. NOC bypassing cabinet: Lt.Governor had used certain officials to by pass cabinet and obtain NOC to his son’s Trust to start Medical College in Karaikal. The Health Secretary Vijayan was refusing to oblige and present Health Secretary Raajiv Yaduvanshi had also not willing to give NOC. The Chief Secretary when present health secretary was on leave asked the Under Secretary to Health to give NOC. That Under Secretary wanted Chief Secretary to put his consent for Under Secretary to handle file.

This is how the Lt.Governor’s family Trust got NOC recently. We want CVC enquiry against Chief Secretary and CBI enquiry against Lt.Governors OSD and his Trust members. We have suspicion that this Trust intends to start Medical College with laundered black money which necessitates CBI inquiry.

  1. The house address given for this Trust belongs to the wanted absconder Ravi Shah in Parvathi Shah Murder case. Since he is absconding Government said that property was attached. When someone tried to sell it, Puducherry Police pasted a notice that none can buy. How come that house address is shown as Trust address is for CBI to enquire.
  2.  Karaikal region’s backwardness had triggered a separate UT status and I am the Honorary President of Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group. There land had been declared to be bought for setting up of Special Economic zone, but yet that land had been bought for the Lt.Governor’s family trust from PIPDIC, a government corporation.

Prime Minister, President of Congress Party, Opposition Leader, Home Minister must all I hope will agree for a CBI probe into the Medical College Scam.

Why Lt.Governor brought as luggage such corrupt conclave and how UPA Government is careless in choosing good administrators for Puducherry is matter for their conscience to ponder.  To blow the whistle it is my duty.

With Regards

Yours sincerely


General Secretary Dravida Peravai 18.04.2011.

Amended : The land bought by Iqbal Singh’s family Trust is not from Special Economic zone but in Thirunallar Road where Puducherry Government contemplated to acquire for TB Sanetorium cum Cancer Research Unit, a Central Project. It is in Nallambal Village near Ambakarathur.




 In this 2011 assembly elections the great puzzle and unresolved mystery is why the wife of Puducherry Union Territory Revenue Minister and Yanam M.L.A Mr.Malladi Krishna Rao is contesting as independent MLA against her husband ?. Was there matrimonial discord debated retired IAS and IPS officers in faraway headquarters of Puducherry ?

But people of Yanam had earliar doubted whether Mr.Malladi will contest this time, and they thought he may field his wife and keep himself free to jump into the bandwagon of Jegan’s YSR Congress aiming a seat in Parliament. The gigantic statue of YSR at the entry point of Yanam fuelled such suspicions.

Few months ago Mr.Malladi declared that people of Yanam will elect him unanimously since he had made Yanam a mini-Paris by building Eiffel tower is a remotest village. But to utter surprise there are 10 independents pitted against him including his wife. At eleventh hour Mr.Malladi filed his nomination in the hope that Congress-DMK alliance will win Puducherry UT assembly polls.

But as election fast approaches there exists a chance of All India NR Congress-AIADMK-DMDK-CPI allaince faring better than Congress-DMK-PMK-VC combine. Hence the master manipulator cum chameleon Mr.Malladi Krishna Rao had started informing his followers to vote for his wife and not for him since 8th April 2011, sources from Yanam are indicating. This U-Turn is to get his wife elected and to make her a Minister in All India NR Congress ministry if at all it is voted to power.

 People and political observers may find this truth impossible to assimilate and may even think it is figment of my imagination. In next few days cat will be out of the bag and you can yourself know the game, said N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai in Puducherry on 9 th April 2011 morning 9.30 AM.

If this happens then in future all alliances will become untrustworthy. If All India NR Congress Chief N.Rangasamy ditches his alliance party AIADMK’s candidate Mr.M.Sathya Saikumar even before polling and plays according to Malladi’s game plan, it is for J.Jayalalitha to ditch N.Rangasamy after polling is over. AIADMK in Puducherry does not have suitable candidates to contest hence out of 11 candidates three are from same family.AIADMK State Secretary A.Anbazhagan, his brother, his sister’s husband have garnered three seats for their family. J.Jayalalitha will allow one family to contest is many constituencies, and she had to face the music if her party’s candidate in Yanam is back stabbed by All India NR Congress even few days before polling. Haryana was called land of Ayarams and Gayarams once and Puducherry which saw people from different parties jumping from one party to other overnight seeking tickets and greener pastures will also see winning candidates put up on sale when horse trading starts as political analysts say none will get clear majority.




 Only in Indian democracy a ghost can aspire to become Chief Minister of a Union Territory that goes to poll in April 2011. Yes in the Samadhi of Appa Paithyam Swamy near Salem only all decisions will be taken if All India N.R.Congress Chief N.Rangasamy becomes by accident Chief Minister of this UT. You may find this as exaggeration and figment of imagination by a rationalist. Let me explain why I arrived at this conclusion. One day there were rumours that N.Rangasamy will tender his resignation as MLA to the Speaker of Puducherry Legislative Assembly and these followers gathered near old distillery building in Beach Road to take him by procession. His brother’s son waited near Speaker’s chamber and his current alliance partner AIADMK Legislators waited in their party office in assembly premises eagerly waiting for N.Rangasamy to reach the Speaker’s chamber, where Assembly Secretary waited in vain. After participating in a marriage in day time N.Rangasamy from outskirts of Puducherry on his way to the Assembly suddenly received a telepathic message from Appa Paithyam Swamy advising him to consult an astrologer before tendering his resignation as MLA. Taking a U-turn N.Rangasamy went to an astrologer’s house and from noon till evening closeted with him to find out what stars foretell. In assembly for waiting followers’ word was sent that he will tender his resignation only next day and they dispersed.

Next day after tendering his resignation as MLA, N.Rangasamy wanted to meet his alliance party leaders. He did not meet him in his house or office or assembly premises or in their houses. He sought the opinion of Appa Paithyam Swamy by mental telepathy. That ghost guru told he need not travel to his Samadhi to hold alliance talks but he will inform the ghost of Sidhananda Swamygal which rests in the Samadhi adjoining ECR Road in Puducherry to act as his agent and bless the alliance talks. Heaving sigh of relief that few hours travel to Salem is avoided, N.Rangasamy met AIADMK State Convener A.Anbazhgan M.L.A and CPI legislator Nara.Kalainathan in the Samadhi of Sidhananda Swamy.

I sarcastically told that the opponents of N.Rangasamy can convene alliance party meeting in the Pappamma Koil graveyard where lot of samadhis exist and it being regular burial ground lot of ghosts will bless the alliance.

Then when the question of designing the flag for the new party floated by N.Rangasamy arose he chose a lime blessed by Appa Paithyam Swamygal. Appa Paithyam Swamygal had blessed him to capture power in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala etc and advised from his Samadhi to name his party as All India N.R.Congress.  The egoism of N.Rangasamy came to light with the induction of two letters i.e. N.R in party’s name and to ward off criticism suddenly he explained N.R is shortened form of Namathu Rajyam.

Today N.Rangasamy had started his party’s election campaign from Puducherry.  Yesterday the election campaign vehicle in which he should travel was sent to the Samadhi of Appa Paithyam Swamygal and that ghost had blessed the vehicle in which N.Rangasamy kicks of his campaign.

Having observed every move of N.Rangasamy in recent past the following doubts arise.

1. In case All India N.R.Congress alliance wins power whether the swearing in ceremony will be in Rajniwas of Puducherry or before Appa Paithyam Swamygal Samadhi in Salem?

2. The cabinet meetings of N.Rangasamy will it be held in Puducherry Assembly buildings or in the Samadhi of Appa Paithyam Swamygal?

3. Under constitution of India the oath of secrecy does not permit N.Rangasamy to divulge official secrets to Appa Paithyam Swamy or his numerous astrologers. Then how can he function since he takes every decision only consulting either astrologers or Appa Paithyam Swamigal?

4. At this rate he may after every day bath go with wet towel in waist to Salem by car and consult Appa Paithyam Swamy whether he can wear dhoti/ shirt today or whether he can eat idly or chapatti today or whether he can attend cabinet or go to office today and will he discharge his duties only after ghost approves?

All these doubts apart, the major doubt before voters is will he spread his All India party to neighboring Tamilnadu and CNN-IBN, TIMES NOW, NDTV are going to seek the opinion of Appa Paithyam Swamigal who seems is upset that N.Rangasamy’s party did not contest in Tamilnadu polls’ Swamy’s ghost is likely to appear before these channels to say at least the All India N.R.Congress could have contested in Salem

Will N.Rangasamy consult his swamyji and clarify that he will not join Indian National Congress again and will not go for alliance with them in case he runs short of majority. ?

People of Puducherry where eager at least Actress Meena or Mumtaz will campaign for their friend N.Rangasamy but they are upset the unseen ghost of Appa Paithyam Swamygal is doing canvassing and ghosts cannot draw crowds.

We rationalists would advice the ghost of Appa Paithyam Swamigal that should not think of having their puppet in Chief Minister’s chair of this Union Territory nor the should try to sit in this Chair without contesting or having physical body ?


General Secretary Dravida Peravai



MESSIAHS OF NEW AGE UNITE — January 22, 2011


N.Nandhivarman, General Secretary Dravida Peravai

In the twenty ninth year of its publication, New Times Observer dated 1.5.1995 carried one of my articles wherein I wrote “Revolutionary leaders have not traversed in the road of roses. Crown of thorns, cross, cudgels, cups of poison, cyanide capsules, deportation, deprivation, death sentences and heaps of humiliation have accosted them in their chosen path. But by their crucifixion, the conscience of mankind gets awakened. At the dawn of next century we are in search of a New Marx. We are in the look out of a new ideology, which will cater to the new times we live in. All the signs of evolving revolution are visible. It is time for us to learn the lessons of the past to march on towards a peaceful future where human species enjoy happiness”

Fifteen years had gone, my quest continues. As old age creeps in I am in a hurry. I felt I must activate those who can attain, instead of me waiting for myself attempting to attain the impossible. Today i.e. 22nd January 2011, The Hindu carried an article by Professor K.S.Jacob in the faculty of Christian Medical College, Vellore titled: Capitalism: regulate, re-work and transform. May be he wants transplant of capitalism’s heart with socialism. Or may be he wanted to create Capitasocialism. Whatever may be his motive, it made me issue an open appeal to Dr.D.Sambandam of Puducherry University.

School of Social Sciences and International Studies

Dean: Dr. D.SAMBANDHAN (dean.ssc@pondiuni.edu.in) Phone: 2654373

1 Anthropology 2 History 3 Politics and International Studies 4 Social Work 5 Sociology 6 Centre for Women’s Studies 7 Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation – Centre for South Asian Studies 8 Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy  

In my mail to Dr.Sambandam’s daughter I wrote:  A Genius gets tired in teaching dull headed students, and psychological principle known as Peter’s Principle gets into operation making him believe he had scaled the height he is meant for. It is not so and seeing Professor K.S.Jacob’s article Capitalism: regulate, rework and transform in The Hindu today, I felt the throb to wake him from his intellectual slumber. World is at cross roads. American President Obama says there is no people’s democracy but corporate democracy that prevails in USA. Authors write that only 200 corporates rule the world. The Globalization tilt towards corporate’s brought this state of affair. A crude economist and street corner politician put forth logical economics into forefront and challenged capitalists that if they want one global market, they should accept one global currency, and end economy of speculation. Now Amartya Sen and men of his ilk have won awards, they won’t have the courage of conviction to write new ideas. Aringnar Anna moulded Professor Sambandam. He had to write innovative economics, and we are ready to carry forward his theories. Hope in The Hindu, Dr.Sambandam will be seen. His daughters must release their father from the bonds of family addiction. He should become the Economist of New Age.

A great Tamil Scholar from Eelam based in London had been doing immense good work for establishing the greatness of Tamil language on scientific basis. Tamil scholars never unite for common purpose as their giant sizes ego would not allow it to happen. Hence I thought Avarangal Sinnathurai Srivas needs few hands and brains to collaborate with him. Mr.Srivas had launched an e-group not to swell in number, but to unite brains in slumber.

SiSrivas avarangal@gmail.com has invited you to join the Scientific Tamil & Linguistics: (STL) group with this message: Welcome to Scientific Tamil Linguistics.

 Here is the group’s description: Tamil Grammar, Tamil Alphabet & Linguistics are scientific subjects. This group is working to address linguistic from a scientific perspective. I wish this group to succeed to usher in a New Age for Tamil Language by establishing it as the Primary Classical Language of the World as proudly proclaimed by Deveneya Paavanar. The Tamil Etymological Dictionary mooted by Deveneya Paavanar and carried forward by Dr.Ira.Mathivanan is complete with 31 volumes and readily available at Classical Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project of Government of Tamilnadu, c-48 First Floor, TNHB Complex, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040 [ cell: 9962949787]. I would urge Tamils all over the world to buy these dictionaries and familiarize to our future generations. To continue this kind of research very rarely we get scholars. I found in internet, a young lawyer D.Ravi Rao, staunch Paavanar follower who had uploaded all Paavanars works. He too specializes in etymology. His services should be utilized by Tamil world. The link to his books:  http://www.scribd.com/dravivararo [Ravis cell: 9566177566     9080018565]

Also scholars must interact with: Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture (PILC) Director Bhaktavatsala Bharathy: 9894383912

Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture (PILC) is an autonomous research centre established with a view to promote advanced research in the fields of Linguistic and Culture in the Union Territory of Puducherry. PILC is the only research centre which has been established and is being financially supported by the Government of Puducherry. The institute is being managed by the Governing Body with the Education Minister as its Chairman, and the Education Secretary as the Vice-Chairman. PILC has been recognised as a research centre by the Tamil University, Thanjavur. Linguistics and Culture, combined together as thrust areas of research in PILC, are a rare combination of subjects which have not been taken care of by any of the institutions in and around Pondicherry. Perhaps, in the whole of India, Pondicherry was the only region until 1981 where linguistics was completely unknown as a discipline.

In 1981, the International School of Dravidian Linguistics (ISDL) came forward to start centre at Pondicherry with the grant-in-aid of the Pondicherry government. Later, in 1986, the Pondicherry government decided to take over the regional centre under its direct fold and rechristened it as the Pondicherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture

PILC has been developing as a centre of excellence as far as linguistics and Culture are concerned through its research publications and journal. PILC has brought out the following research titles which were well received by the professional scholars both from India and abroad:

•A Grammar of Modern Tamil by Dr. Thomas Lehmann,

1993, ISBN: 81-85452-03-2, Rs. 300/ US$ 40

•Tamil Syntax: New Perspectives by Dr. R. Kothandaraman,

1993 ISBN: 81-85452-00-8, Rs. 250 /US$ 35

•Dravidian Linguistics: An Introduction by Prof.Kamil V. Zvelebil,

1997 ISBN: 81-85452-01-6 Rs. 190 /US$ 28

•Roots of Tamil Religious Thought by Dr. Ganapathy Subbiah

1991, ISBN: 81-85452-01-4 Rs. 200 / US$ 30

•Intonation pattern in Tamil by Dr. G. Ravishankar

1994, ISBN: 81-85452-04-0, Rs. 500 /US$ 70

•Bharathidasan: Selected Poems (a comprehensive volume of English

renderings of Bharathidasan’s poems (ca. 200) translated by experts)

1996, ISBN: 81-85452-05-9, Rs. 300 /US$ 40

•Tamil as Administrative Language. (Proceedings of Seminars organized by PILC

L. Ramamoorthy, M. Soudarssane & T. Parasuraman (editors)

1997, ISBN: 81-85452-07-5 Rs 170 /US$ 28

•Literary Theories in Tamil by Indra Manuel

1998, ISBN: 81-85452-06-7, Rs 540 /US$ 71

•Irupataam nuRRaantu Tamil marapuk kavitai: yaappiyal marapum nekizhvum:

Modern Tamil Poems: Metre a survey of the studies on the subject already carried out by specialist, history of Tamil prosody a descriptive study of the metres of eight selected poets viz., Bharathi, Bharathidasan, Desiga Vinayagam Pillai, Ramalingam Pillai, Vanidasan, Kannadasan, Mudiyarasan and Surada.

1998, ISBN: 81-85452-08-3, Rs. 250 /US$ 35

•The Private Diary of SRI ANANDHA RANGAPPILLAI (1736 Ð 1761), vol. 1-8

An important contemporary source to any scholar interested in reconstructing the history of eighteenth century India. The diary which was written in Tamil has been an exceptional master piece of prose style of that period. The original diary contains 12 volumes out of which 8 volumes have been reprinted and published. Anandha Rangapillai as Dubash of the French Governor and agent for Indian merchants during French rule in Pondicherry recorded the daily events he had seen and heard.  Publication Date: 1999

Research Journal: PILC Journal of Dravidic Studies

PILC has been internationally well known research journal entitled ‘PILC Journal of Dravidic Studies’. It is a biannual research journal, published in English, which carries original research findings, both theoretical and empirical, on themes and problems which are of interest to professional scholars in linguistics and culture. Scholars of international repute contribute their research findings to the Journal in the form of articles.

So let Tamil Scholars headed join together in these initiatives, to see New Age for Tamil Renaissance, and let us hope the dawn is near…



A criminal appeal No 11 of 2011 arising out of Special Leave petition No 10367 of 2010 in Kailas and others versus State of Maharashtra TR.Taluka P.S came up before Supreme Court Bench comprising Justice Markandey Kutju and Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra on 5 th January 2011. It relates to one Nandha Bhai, aged 25 of Bhil scheduled tribe of Maharashtra who was beaten, kicked, stripped and paraded naked in village road over an illicit relationship with an upper-caste man. Four people were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of six months, one year and three months in three instances and to pay a fine in each by Additional Sessions Judge, Ahamadnagar under various provisions of Indian Penal Code and under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes[ Prevention of Atrocities Act] 1989.But in High Court they were let off from the hook of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes [ Prevention of Atrocities Act] 1989 but confirmed conviction under Indian Penal Code to enable them to pay fine of Rs 5000 each to the victim. This matter came up for appeal in Supreme Court before the bench of Learned Judges, who instead of limiting their judgment over legal issues had become historians to declare that India is largely a country of immigrants. The Hindu in its center page quotes these overnight historians and proclaims “A Supreme Court Judgment projects the historical thesis that India is largely a country of old immigrants and that pre-Dravidian aborigines, ancestors of present Adivasis, rather than Dravidians were the original inhabitants of India. Dravidian movement that rules Tamilnadu must debate this in the Legislative Assembly and pass resolution condemning the unnecessary attack uncalled for to denigrate the Dravidian history. At least scholars should have ventured to criticize this part of the judgment. If this goes unchallenged the Aryans would exploit this as gospel.

“Hindu law was not uniform for all Hindus and as such codification was the only solution and necessity as it aimed at consolidation of Hindu society” felt Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. He strongly felt that the present Hindu law was inconsistent with the provisions of the article 15 of Constitution that birth shall not discriminate any citizen on ground of birth. Hence his futile attempt to introduce the Hindu Code Bill which was opposed by Rajendra Prasad. Speaking in clause by clause discussion in Parliament Ambedkar said “The fact is that in this country although religions have changed the law has remained one. As early as 1930 the Privy Council in its judgment had lain down that Sikhs were governed by Hindu Law. The application of the code to Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains was a historical development to which they could not give any answer. They could only change the law to make it equitable whenever it went wrong. Dr.Ambedkar would not agree to exclude Punjab from the purview of the Bill. “I would have the Code apply to whole of India or not at all “he thundered. Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru informed Ambedkar that there is opposition both inside and outside to the bill, and the Cabinet would discuss the matter in beginning of September 1951. Dr.Ambedkar was keen to pilot the bill before 1952 General Elections. After passing 4 clauses of the Bill further consideration of the Bill was dropped. So after 4 years I month and 26 days in Cabinet, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar submitted his resignation as Law Minister on 27th September of 1951. If Ambedkar’s vision of a Uniform Code had been realized different Courts interpreting laws in different manner and sympathizing with offenders of the modesty of a woman would not have have happened.

Point 1 : “ While North America [ USA and Canada] has new immigrants who came mainly from Europe over the last four or five centuries, India is a country of old immigrants in which people have been coming in over last ten thousand years or so. Probably 92 percent of the people living in India today are descendents of immigrants who came mainly from the North-West and to a lesser extent from North-East. Since this is a point of great importance for the understanding of our country, it is necessary to go into it in some detail, opines Justice Markandey Katju and Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra. The learned judges have based their opinion on wrong foundations. They say of migrations over last ten thousand years without extending their vision of human migrations from times beyond that. African origins: Genetic Studies by geneticists most prominent among them being Spencer Wells, author of Journey of Man claim to have uncovered evidence based on blood samples taken across the globe that all men who live today are descendents of a man who lived in Africa 60,000 years ago. How did he arrive at such a conclusion ? “ We started mapping the family tree of entire planet taking blood samples from every part of the world. We worked backwards through elimination and matching and it was the strain of Sangene that was most common across the planet. During the worst period of Ice Age 60,000 years ago when the worlds moisture was locked in giant glaciers causing intense draught in Africa the first batch of Africans moved out. http://www.bradshawfoundation.com website displays pictorial explanation of human migration from Africa. This theory says whole world migrated from Africa, and the claim by learned judges that India had aborigines before migrations took place stands demolished.

 Gene markers from Trans-Pacific Nations : A genetic-anthropological study by University of Madras jointly with Madurai Kamaraj University aims at identifying genetic polymorphisms among select populations to explain biological and cultural aspects of ancient human migration and establish the antecedents of communities in South India, the second continent to be populated by man next to Africa. Homo Floresiensis : Nature magazine in 2004 reported that on a tropical island between Asia and Australia a race of people with three and half foot height lived, and these new human species were named Homo-Floresiensis. Nicholas Wade in his report states: The little floresians lived on the island until at least 13,000 years ago, but they were not pygmy form of modern humans. They were a downsized version of homo-erectus the eastern cousin of Neanderthals of Europe who disappeared 33,000 thousand years ago. Their discovery means that archaic humans who left Africa 1.5 million years earlier than modern people survived for longer into recent times than was previously thought. The Indonesian island of Flores is isolated and before modern times was inhabited by a select group of animals that managed to reach it. These then became subject to unusual evolutionary forces that propelled some to giant size and reduced the size of others. The carnivorous lizards that reached Flores, perhaps on natural rafts became giant sized and still survive although now they are confined mostly to the nearby island of Komodo- they are called Komodo dragons. Elephants because of their buoyancy are surprisingly good swimmers and those that reached Flores evolved to dwarfs from the size of ox. Previous excavations by M.J.Morewood a member of the team that found little Floresians showed that homo erectus arrived on Flores about 8,40,000 years ago as was evident from crude stone tools. Presumably the descendents of the homo erectus became subject to the same evolutionary forces that reduced the size of elephants. The first little Floresian, an adult female was found in September 2003 buried under the 20 feet of silt that coats the floor of Liang Bua Cave in Flores. A team of experts identified the skeleton which was not fossilized as a very small but otherwise normal individual similar to homo erectus, reports New York Times drawing substance from Nature magazine. Neanderthals and Homo erectus disappeared just before modern humans arrived, and now findings point out to homo-floresiensis. Who is the immigrant who is not the immigrant, how can learned judges debate and decide, when evolutionary history is still shrouded in mystery. This makes us think why they chose to grant immigrant status to Dravidians ? It is not a hidden secret.

The book Hidden History of Human Race pushes back the horizons of our amnesia not just 12,000 or 20,000 years , but millions of years into the past and showing everything we have been taught to believe about the origins of evolution of our species rests on the shaky foundation of academic opinion and on a highly selective sampling of research results. Cremo and Thompson, the two authors of this book then set about putting the record straight by showing all other research results that have been edited out of record during the past two centuries not because there was anything wrong or bogus about the results themselves but simply because they did not fit with prevailing academic opinion. Anomalous and out of place discoveries reported by Cremo and Thompson in the Hidden history of Human Race include convincing evidence that anatomically modern humans may have been present on the Earth not just for 1,00,000 years or less [the orthodox view] but for millions of years and that metal objects of advance design may have been in use at equally early periods. Moreover although sensational claims have been made before about out of place artifacts, they have never been supported by such overwhelming and utterly convincing documentation as Cremo and Thompson, writes Graham Hancock in his preface.

So on a question of human evolution when accepted theories are shaken by new discoveries, when human spread due to continental drift had yet to be explained beyond an iota of doubt, learned judges want to restrict historical enquiry to 10,000 years only and confer immigrant status on Dravidians in order to hide the 1500 year old immigrants, so called Aryans. If all continents had once been a super continent of Pangaea, all of us should be immigrants. If Pangaea split into two super continents, we should be immigrants from Gondwanaland. This Tamil literature speaks as submerged continent of Kumari and in locating that continent confusing theories existed. Now it is crystal clear that submerged lands extend up to Pacific Ocean and gene markers establish the continuity from South India to Australia and Pacific ocean islands.

Point 2 : Learned Judges who learnt law , raised an unnecessary, irrelevant question to the case they were dealing with, and examined who were the original inhabitants of India ? as if it is vested upon them to deliver their judgment. “ At one time it was believed that the Dravidians were the original inhabitants. However this view has been considerably modified subsequently and now the generally accepted belief is that the original inhabitants of India were the pre-dravidian aborigines , that is ancestors of the present tribals or adivasis [ scheduled tribes]. “Blood samples from three South Indian populations , the Piranmalai Kallars, Yadhavas and Saurastrians all of whom live in Madurai, the Azhagiri land, have showed up genetic markers identical to those found in 10 percent of Malaysians, 15 percent of New Guineans, and 60 percent of Australian aborigines evidence which had not been obtained by archaeology so far” says Professor R.M.Pitchaiappan Head of the Department of Immunology , School of Biological Sciences. Madurai Kamaraj University. These blood samples were collected from hill, coastal and plain based communities like Piranmalai Kallars,Yadhavas, Saurastrians, Moolakurumbas, Kurumbas, Irulas, Paniyas, Kotas, Thodas, Kanikars, and Paravars. What has come as a surprise is nearly 50 percent of a 30,000 year old gene marker among Piranmalai Kallars. The Yadhavas and Saurastrians possessed a 10,000 year old gene marker. So instead of trying to look for immigrants from North West, wherefrom Aryans came, the learned judges must look for immigration from Pacific and Indian Ocean lands of submergence. The gene markers of South Indian Dravidian people proves to be 30,000 year old and disproves the theory propounded by learned judges that they are immigrants and not aborigines.

Now let us quote from passages of renowned scholars, which speak Dravidians migrated to Australia . Elkin [1938] : The available evidence points to Southern India as their [ Australian aboriginals] hiving off ground. Lockwood [ 1963] All Australian aborigines are supposed to be descended from Dravidians who migrated about 15000 years [ later research has pushed back this date to beyond 40,000 years ago from India and Ceylon. Aboriginal Australians have been in that continent for more than 40,000 years and though proto-australian language brought by them into Australia millennia ago has now diversified into more than 200 languages scholars like R.M.W.Dixon [ The languages of Australia , Cambridge University Press, 1980] agree that all of them still retain features of their original genetic unity. Dixon points out that as regards of affinity of Proto-Australian with other language families of the world only the Dravidian suggestion deserves to be taken seriously. P.Ramanathan in his research paper raises a pertinent question to which learned judges have to blink without proper reply. “ When the Australian aborigines entered Australian continent more than 40,000 years ago the sea level was 400 to 600 feet lower than now. The continental shelf now lying submerged under the sea was then part of the land mass and land areas of all continents were larger, Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania were all comprised in one big continent. Only a few miles of sea would have separated Timor from that big continent. It is considered the ancestors of all Australian aborigines entered Australia by catamarans and other mode from Timor and Indonesian islands after crossing the narrow sea in few hours. Once they entered Australia it is thought that they were able to spread throughout Australia and Tasmania within about 500 years as established by the archaeological records. By 15000 B.C sea level rose about 200 feet. It further rose and reached present levels by 6000 B.C. Thus Australia had been a separate island continent for about 8000 years whose inhabitants i.e aboriginals have had no contact with the peoples of anyother continent since then. This was the position till Europeans discovered the continent in 18th century.” “ If as assumed under the model of Dravidian Descent” the proto-Dravidians had left the near-east by 3000 B.C, and reached Tamilnadu by 1000 B.C how could there be such remarkable genetic similarities between Tamil on the one hand and the Australian aboriginal languages on the other hand spoken by people who were cut off from rest of mankind for 8000 years ? ”asks P.Ramanathan. So Dravidians migrated towards East, they are not immigrants from East.

If scholars establish that even Australian aboriginals have descended from Dravidians, how come learned judges adopt a policy to show Indian aboriginals as not belonging to Dravidian family. May be the Aryan mind is disturbed over the fact they are immigrants and wants to thrust that status on Dravidians and find sadistic satisfaction. I could see neither logic nor legal compulsion in judges choosing to interpret Indian history in a case which has no relevance to this question. Dravida Peravai condemns this portion of their judgment wherein they have tried to heap insult to Dravidian history, and we thank The Hindu dated January 12 of 2011 for having brought this fact to light, for whatever reasons, and provoked the Dravidian spirit.

 N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai